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Sudden diagnosis of high thyroid levels by GP

I've recently moved, obviously had to change GP practice.

My named GP has tried to get me on statins, BP pills (not needed) (because of my history) and now told me I need to take thyroxin for a high thyroid level.

I'll be trying to change who I see in the practice (the guy is aggressive and rude) and doesn't believe I can access my own results on patient view, and am involved in self management.

I can't deal with people like that, it triggers my mental health issues, and really stresses me out.

Renal in the new area have been good, although lacking resources, it just shocks me the total imbalance in resources in the UK.

Feeling stressed and frustrated. Anyone else experience with suddenly ending up on thyroxin suddenly.

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My renal consultant said they would manage my thyroid condition. I had t totally removed in 2000 due to a growth on it. Also saved needles as they do it when the do the monthly bloods. You can ask, they can always say no, might say yes.


Thanks, renal will be taking the blood tests. I think the GP will still want to try and make appointments, claim he can't see the results and other bull!

Its because its completely unexpected I think its shaken me up.. I've moved house in the last year, and a lot of underlying stress so perhaps not coping as well as I feel I should..


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