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Hi I am just about to start dialysis and feeling extremely anxious about it.

Just a simple question at the moment can you bathe with the peritoneal catheter?

I have found it helpful and a little reassuring reading about other people's situations.

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Hi Chequers,

You have to keep your px catheter clean and dry to prevent infection.

Difficult if not impossible to Bath, I have always showered and this can also be difficult. I shower my bottom half of my body and then strip wash top half.

So important to keep the exit site dry, I have had peritonitis several times due to accident ly damaging the tube. Just about to start home heamo dialysis. The pd worked so well for me and transformed the quality of my life to as near normal as possible.

Hope all goes well, important to have a positive outlook



Thank you Phillip I am trying to keep positive but having just had a stroke as well I am finding it a bit difficult


Hi Chequers, I am also about to start dialysis and am very anxious about it. I have spoke to the PD nurse who said that it's not encouraged to bath, but to shower. However she did say that they can provide special bags that you can use (normally used for swimming) so that you can have an occasional bath.

I am due have my catheter put in this week. Good luck to you. I hope all goes well. x


Hi, yes careful showering is the only real answer. The special bags you mention seem to leak so would not recommend them. Really worrying about showing/ bathing in not that important compared to getting you head round the fact you have to dialyse 4 times a day.

Showering carefully is the best way forward in my experience- hope all goes ok- Philip


Yes Phillip I know it does sound petty really but I am still waiting to find out what will be happening and just trying to make sense of everything I have been reading.


Good luck to you as well.

As long as I can have an occasional bath I would be happy but the thought of never having one would be horrible. I am due to meet the sister to discuss things 16th so hopefully that will ally my concerns.

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