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Pre-dialysis and tired at the time

Hello everyone. As you may know from my previous posts I am being prepped for dialysis but haven't been given a date yet although my GFR is < 15 and I had a fistula created about three weeks ago.

Did anyone else, at my stage of the disease, fell so absolutely tired? I am tired when I wake up, it continues through the day and then I am - and I know this sounds ridiculous - almost too tired to go to sleep!

If so, what worked for them - or do I just have to wait until they put me on HD?

Thanks for reading and I would really appreciate any help you may be able to offer.

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I'm in the same position as you but waiting to have my fistula created. I too get very tired, all the time.

My solution has been to try having a rest during the afternoon/early evening. I also attend a relaxation class which really helps. Most days I drop to sleep, but just taking time to relax helps me.



You are currently suffering the ill effects of a toxic body due to the build up of waste in your system. Once you have received some dialysis you will feel a lot better. I remember back when I was in the same situation. Pre-dialysis is when you feel at your worst. It will get better once you get some treatment, hang on in there. Have you considered the other forms of dialysis available?


Thanks for the tips, kibibi, and I hope you have your operation while you are still well enough to get over it easily. I found it uncomfortable but no more than that and it is, according to my renal nurse and practice nurse, coming along well. The apparent contradiction of constant tiredness and insomnia is draining, still and thank you, Timbles, for letting me know things will get better when I start dialysis.

I am limited to the kind of dialysis I can have because Crohn's disease, with which I was diagnosed in 1989 and the associated exploratory ops and repairs has left my stomach wall in no position for PD and my tiny 'artisan's cottage' with its one and a half bedrooms means I haven't the room to store all the stuff anyway. The same applies, of course, to home HD, so the only choices I have are hospital HD and CC, and, while I was tempted to go down the CC route, I am now gearing up for HD 'in the unit'.

If dialysis gives as much of a boost as blood transfusions do - and I've had lots of those - I think I can cautiously look forward to it!

Thanks again for your help and input.



sorry to e dumb but whats "cc" dialysis - have not come across that one before


Hello, poppydolly, and thank you for reading my post. You aren't being dumb at all - I shouldn't have shortened 'conservative care' to CC without explaining the term. I sometimes forget I'm not using aliases in the command line when I write posts and emails and consequently all sorts of people think I'm a little odd - sorry for any confusion.



My husband has ckd, and use to fall asleep anywhere, Inc tescos.Since starting treatment, he can now go out for the day, without napping. He is on iron tablets and aranesp injections. It is the anemia which makes u tired. Once these are treated u may feel better. Thanks to the Royal London Hosp.