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Nxstage S machine for shorter dialysis time!

Hello fellow dialysis chums,

I have heard that the NHS UK have started using the newer version 'S' NxStage dialysis machine for home haemodialysis patients...

Apparently it can help to cut down the time we spend on dialysis each day with the same results!.....

Has anyone else heared this? Is there anyone out there who is using one of these newer machines?

Yours hopefully,


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Not heard this, I know NXstage are trying to get a good part of the market. As I understand it, NXstage still requires more frequent dialysis for best treatment. IE short daily/nocturnal.

According to their blurb the only real difference is higher dialysate flow rates a few ergonomic tweaks.


NXstage is by no means truly portable.. Subportable is how I'd describe it.


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