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New to peritoneal dialysis, new to the community - Just saying hi!

Hi there, I'm new to peritoneal dialysis since July 2013 and this is quite a new and scary thing for me. I was advised to join here so I could meet other people and maybe learn more about my treatment and my condition.

Sometimes I feel very alone with my condition and kidneys are such complex and difficult things to get your head around. I'm lucky I have very supportive friends and family around me thankfully.

I found that there wasn't much online about people's experiences and whatnot so I have started a blog to tell my story and my journey through dialysis hopefully up until the point that I get a new kidney. You can view my blog here:


I hope some of you find it interesting and whatnot. It's more of a way to help me come to terms with what's happening and to document my journey so I can look back and see how far I've come. Also I understand that renal failure is more predominantly common in older people and there are not many young people on dialysis with renal failure - so I'm breaking into the niche market out there and letting any other people out there that may be going through similar things, my experience and how it has all been for me.

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Hi there and welcome to the group.

I have been on dialysis for 20 years now, started out as a teenager. I've had so far 2 transplants and been both on PD & hemo. There's nothing to be scared of and it's not easy either. Dialysis is a treatment, dont let it become your life. Fit it around your life, educate yourself and you will handle it better. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best of luck


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