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The end of my kidney function


I have been on Dialysis for almost 2 years and the first time I went to have the dialysis at Romano woods dialysis in Nw. Houston Texas my EGFR was at the time at 25% I have been trying my hardest to not gain more than 2 kilos per Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday in between these 3 days but the more I try it seems like my EGFR keeps dropping and the more I think about it . it makes me think that I will lose my life because these days I have lost so much of

my kidney function that it is now at 3% and I know that it will still drop to 0% very soon and I can tell you all that I will still try to do my best not to sign any A.M.A. or against medical advice papers anymore but I will do my best on dialysis and finish all 3 hrs. 45 minutes every day of Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

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I think that by posting here your intention to stick to your dialysis schedule, you are doing the best for yourself and the people who are close to you.

I've been on haemo for over 20 years. My kidney function has gone but over the years I have become adept at managing my other results, although I still have a problem limiting my fluid intake! Keep sticking to completing your allotted hours, and try to keep your mobilty as best you can. The one thing of late that sometimes makes me finish early is painful joints. Good luck with your journey!

Kidney function slowly approaching zero is the norm for the vast majority of dialysis patients but many in the unit I go to have been on dialysis for many years and are still functioning well and managing to enjoy life. You have to make dialysis a positive experience..

I go to the unit in a taxi and have made friends of the drivers and we chat about putting the world to right. Then when I arrive the waiting room is full of the morning shift waiting to be picked up and we chat. Then I go in and am surrounded by nurses and patients in a 10 bed unit and we chat. Then I fire up the laptop and answer emails and do a bit of social media,

Soon it's time to come off, chat to the nurse doing it and then others both arriving and waiting to leave in the waiting room and finally the taxi driver home.

I would "almost" miss it if my kidneys suddenly started working again.

scoutnow in reply to fredinspain

LOVE, love, love your attitude!

Who needs any kidney function?

I have been on dialysis for 10 years most of it without any kidneys. I had a transplant last year which never really worked, if anything it made me worse, ill for eight months. I was happy to get back on dialysis after a couple of weeks I'd reduced my weight by 5 kilo's.

Now about ten weeks in I've gone down to 87kg from 95kg. I feel much healthier, fitter and can breath normally.

I still struggle with the usual dialysis things, tiered, poor appetite, cramp, bone pain etc.

BUT it keeps me alive.

I love the nurses and have friends in the other patients. I don't get chauffeured in a taxi (how do you manage that?) I have to make my own way in after work. I would never go by patient transport with all the moaning oldies.

By the way I had a transplant in 1990 which lasted 'til 2007 when I had kidney cancer in my native right kidney. So not all transplants are like my last one, and I will go on the list again as soon as possible.


Dialysis has improved since its first successful treatment in the 1940's

I've been a home heamo patient for the past 10 years. Life is far from perfect, the healthcare system in many countries in non existent, and in 'Westernised' countries far from perfect as well. But so we carry on...

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