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Is Covid19 a new Animal?

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Friends !

A couple of thoughts on Covid19!

(1) How can a new virus called Covid19 gets originated all of a sudden in China and then infects the entire world????? Does it not look like a fiction ???πŸ˜€

I have a feeling that It was already existing everywhere on the earth and we may have survived it's attack many times in the past during our normal cold and flu infection.

(2) It is just that in China it was discovered now and named it as Covid19..... Like Columbus discovered America ..... America was already there even before it's discovery...😊

In fact , SARS and MERS belong to the same corona virus family.

(3) Now that it is discovered and a standard test is available for covid19, everybody who has common cold and flu may test positive for Covid19 !😊

(4) During winter season it thrives and becomes active in all countries ...Europe is in winter now ... So the virus is active... Other part of the world such as middle East, India for example - Summer has already set in and the climate is warmer now ... so the virus is less active...

(5)We all think Covid19 is totally a new disease and as people fear the unknown, it is the fear and shock due to which some of our Seniors and people with chronic illness are dying unfortunately.... Perhaps If we would have treated it as the common cold and flu with all recommended precautions , many lives could have been saved...

(6) The whole world is panic such that normal life is paralyzed....essential goods are not available people tend to hoard things.......Please Don't Panic for this mild virus , TAKE IT EASY, seek medical advice if you feel you are unwell, and get guided, take all precautions which you would Normally do during a normal flu attack...Take nutritious food ... Do physical exercise....have some sun exposure daily....Have a lot of hot fluid including soup, tea, coffee, warm water ....πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™

(7) No wonder , sometime back when Germany had only few cases of Covid19, German Chancellor said in TV channel that 70% Germans would get infected by COVID19!

Perhaps she had information that Covid19 is a common virus which appears every winter in Germany and 70% people get infected with symptoms such as running nose, sneezing, fever , cough ...

(8) So , if you fear you are weak and this unknown invisible Covid19 could attack you ,then you become weaker and the Covid19 would become stronger......

However, if you have a conviction that the Covid19 is a common virus which is mild causes a common flu which you had many times in the past which you recovered everytime.... and there was no harm to your body.....then you become stronger and the virus becomes weaker.....πŸ‘πŸ‘

Disclaimer: views expressed are my own and it is no way related with HU.

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Very interesting discovery!!

Where did you find the data about Germany? Is it man made?

in reply to sandybrown

Dear Sandy

With reference to your query, please find the press briefing from the German chancellor... It was quite sometime back when German had reported very few nos of Covid19 ?

But to day look at the numbers?

Which implies that perhaps she knew Covid19 is very old virus and it is commonly found in winter???😊

I disagree. If what is stated is true, why so many deaths. Do you mean Doctors are not aware of what is stated by you. There is no doubt that people should not create panic situation and at the same time take proper precautions such as washing hands frequently, avoid going to crowded places etc

in reply to Aajkal

The theme of the post is " Say No to Panic, But yes to Precautions "

Perhaps , more people die of panic, fear & shock of this so called unknown animals called Covid19, especially seniors or people already having a chronic illness like CV, Diabetes...... WHO analysis indicates l ☹️

Further, the world data indicates fatalities due to other reasons more than the COVID19 deaths....

in reply to namaha

It is known also that stress reduces the strength of the immune system, and stress is often sourced in the views people take, something outside the domain of their bodies. The panic is more dangerous than the virus. There is no way to unlink panic and internally created stress from the weakening of the immune system, but the link between the existence of the virus and the creation of stress can be easily broken by attending to what helps, a positive attitude, and recognition of and attribution to those responsible for improvements in our situation.

Great post! I share much of the same sentiments.

I have been looking for a description of the progression of COVID-19 in those who recover. Have you seen anything like that?

I think it is a great post and probably one which is unique in a sense that do not frighten you but also directs you to take precaution.It is like social distancing ,washing hands with soap water,sansitising your hand if coming from outside. But fundamental part is immune system.If your immune system is exceptinally good then covid -19 will not do havoc.It wiil attack but no severity .It is my personal expression.please do not otherwise.Thanks for such a courageous post.

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