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Herbal remedies for Diabetics

Hello Members

There are herbs which work like wonders and have shown good results in many people and there is no secret in that. These are basically the ingredients which you can get from any nearby Ayurvedic shop and use it accordingly as per each ones body or preferences.

Some of these Herbs are as follows and re the way to consume them are :

1. The 1st thing is Methi or Fenugreek which can be taken daily by getting it Powdered and taking it 1st spoon a day a with a glass of water.

2. The next best thing is Paneer ka Phool or known as Paneer dodi which can be taken by soaking 4 - 5 pods overnight and drinking the same the next day morning empty stomach.

3. Then we have Jamun ka beej or Jamun gutli which can be powdered and can be taken 1 spoon of the powder with a glass of water.

4. One herb which is very good is Indrajau, which looks like rice and is good enuf to be taken .

Apart from these there are many other herbs which work in a good way.

These are to be taken on a consistent way and these show slow and steady results.

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Nice post Avi66331

at the same time..we must know in full detils about these herbs and how they act...

like Fenugreek... it helps in reduction of IR... which i big issue with T2...

but at the same time fenugreek tend to affect thyroid function...

Paneer ka Phool is most risky herb in this....it works as sulfonylurea drugs... and increases insulin secretion...but all T2 patients are suffering with hyperinsulinemia...so what is idea in increasing more insulin secretion??

Jamun beej are good option..as the slows down absorption of carbs in body......then how about consuming less carbs insted of consuming carbs and then having Jamun Beej??

here is one study about indrajau...



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