Red Grapes And Oranges Could Hold Key To Battling Diabetes

Red Grapes And Oranges Could Hold Key To Battling Diabetes

By M Tyler, May 17, 2016

The combination of two compounds found in red grapes and oranges might promote better health for people suffering from diabetes, according to a new study conducted by University of Warwick researchers.

Researchers believe the two compounds could hold the key to helping patients that are battling diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

"This is an incredibly exciting development and could have a massive impact on our ability to treat these diseases,” said Professor Paul Thornalley, lead author of the study. “As well as helping to treat diabetes and heart disease it could defuse the obesity time bomb."


Researchers examined a pair of compounds found in fruits, but typically not together. The compounds - trans-resveratrol, found in red grapes, and hesperetin, found in oranges - can decrease blood glucose, improve artery health and enhance the action of insulin when given together at pharmaceutical doses.

While the compounds are found naturally in the two fruits, the amount needed to attain proper health benefits cannot be acquired via more fruit consumption, the researchers explained. Patients would need to be given pharmaceutical doses in capsule form to attain the full benefits needed to battle weight gain, diabetes and heart disease.

With diabetes impacting 422 million people worldwide, the findings could offer a safe and effective treatment beyond standard therapies for blood sugar control. Despite the promising results, however, researchers warn that good health begins with a balanced diet and lots of exercise.

"As exciting as our breakthrough is, it is important to stress that physical activity, diet, other lifestyle factors and current treatments should be adhered to,” said Thornalley.

Source: University of Warwick

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  • Thanks for posting this article dialife. It's interesting to know that these two compounds in pharmaceutical doses of capsule forms may benefit diabetes, weight gain and heart disease. I was wondering how effective they would be. That would be fantastic if they are really work as their side effects would not be similar strength as general medicines for diabetes and heart diseases.

  • Thank you :-) I am going to try out.

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