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Diabetes, obesity, inflammation-causing & autoimmune conditions - their underlying COMMON cause ?

If there is ONE underlying common cause to the above conditions, of which there is an epidemic in many parts of the world, then one candidate for this common cause is a dysregulated immune response due to a imbalance in the human microbiome ( - which is not limited to the gut and GI track).

This brief article, may serve as an introduction to novices and a summary for those already familiar with this viewpoint:

huffingtonpost.com/alanna-c... - it is by no means complete, . . . . . but one starting point.  In fact, I believe a whole area of knowledge has been (unwittingly or otherwise) omitted in this article, which is otherwise a good introduction to the subject.

Sid Arthur ;~))

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You said it, INFLAMMATION.


INFLAMMATION is present BECAUSE of the ( - usually UNIDENTIFIED) immune response - as a proposal, I clarify. 

Trying to resolve the inflammation directly, by stopping it or suppressing it, as with steroids say, will NOT work - as I understand it. 

I'd argue (in the scientific sense of the word) that its the underlying IMMUNE RESPONSE that needs help in doing what this is trying to do - WHEN that is SUCESSFULLY done, the inflammation (resulting from it) will most probably disappear naturally too ( - as if by magic or jaddu !).

Is diabetes seen as an inflammation-causing illness, by any part of the medical profession ?



In the more economically developed parts of the world, some two thirds of all adults are overweight or obese (BMI < 25 and < 30kg/m2, respectively):


However, as far as I understand, weight is strictly speaking a predictor of diabetes ( - rather than specifically its CAUSE); any causation remains unproven, to my knowledge.

So, it is very possible there is a common underlying CAUSE to both weight gain and diabetes, and this would lead to the GOOD observed correlation between these two.  Apart from such a common cause, it is possible that other wholly separate mechanisms can cause say weight gain, but not diabetes - one example would be hypothyroidism, where the thyroid gland is not producing enough thyroid hormone.



I am sorry  but I am not sure about immune response causing inflammation. But it is a fact that oxidative stress leads to inflammation.


Well, you are likely to do well by beginning your own steady investigations into on-going, largely unrelenting immune responses being the cause of the inflammation seen in many/all(?) chronic conditions - in this age of the microbiome; the present scientific view certainly confirms the age-old notion of there being NO separate (& independent) self ( - albeit in a different sense to what that may have originally meant) !  

(Where will you start ?  Entirely your choice !)


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