Panchakarma for Diabetes - please caution yourself

The ayurvedic market and the well qualified BAMS doctors and their commercial approach has spoiled the scene of ayurveda. Most of the commercial centres in bangalore prescribe cleansing therapies like virechana and many other expensive therapies to treat and manage diabetes. Due to to the extreme dietary changes in the cleansing procedures of panchakarama the patient finds a rapid reduction in BG levels. The ayurvedic doctor flaunts the lowering of BG levels as one great achievement without thinking the patahology of disorder. REmember nothing can lower BG levels, other than good diet, exercise and good supplements. Please avoid expensive panchakarma for diabetes. Doctors are fooling you,

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  • Since we are willing to be fooled we get fooled -- and we are willing to be fooled due to our addiction to eating too much wheat and rice. No professional on diabetes care could fool me so far, because from very early stage I understood one basic point --

    Diabetes is a disorder of not being able to handle carbs. So, solution had to be to cut down carbs and replace them with good fat. All this coffee anema and shoving a pipe up to push oil or ghee isn't going to help to manage diabetes. It may just clean the crevices in colon.

    Now into sixth year as a Type 2 on ZERO drugs:

  • 101% agree!

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