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Alkaline water ionizers are fast catching up in Indian market. Many brands are selling in Indian market. Indians are awakening to the importance of body pH. After the launch of Chinese modal, like Hydrojal plus recent entrant is KYK-Korea thru its channel partner sanjeevanihealthtech.com. In JAPAN and KOREA , the product is termed as medical substance producer by Ministry of Health . Government in JAPAN and Korea maintains very tight quality controls. Only Medical grade platinum (white gold) coated titanium electrode are allowed. KFDA, is one of the stringent food and drug safety regulator in KOREA.

On researching the concept, I found that this technology finds its root in time more than three decade back. I wonder , how come India is awakening to this technology so late.

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Are you sure?


We use this at our home and are knowing the importance of this we are absolutely delighted.


Thanks for your conformation!


Dear u just discussed we use it just come to my home n have a glass of water u will realize.i will prove u scientifically.


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