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Hi was just wondering I'm a diabetes for 3 months now and I'm on forminal

(medformin) 500g when I came to know that I was a diabetes I started with a diet but has you'll know as the only person in the family with diabetes when u go out everyone wants take out so I did cheat and wen I checked my sugar was 8.8 for me that's was high so.i saod I won't eat that take it again. So the next day I cheated again as we went out again but sugar levels were lower as 7.7 so I said okay I can eat that not too high. But last week a friend of mine told me that she has this herbal meds that she taking and was wondering will it really help it's a south African product called cancer bush tea so I said give me some so this weekend I had lunch and than I was feeling tired so u said let me check eish reading wa 8.8 n in was eish so high so I had half of the dosage sugar and than tested after an.hour levels went down to 6.8 I was stunned can we use herbal.meds while on diabetes medication is it safe

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In your case, Diabetics just begining, If you take proper diet, it will automatically nder control. Consult very good dietitian who can guide you well. I knw one very good detitian by Name Rajasekhar who will guide you only vegetables and fruits and it will comes to control within one week. His contact number is 9481638444


I am having diabetes since 2002. I am taking the same dose of medicines which was prescribed in 2002 and it is because of our dietitan. Please contact our detitian over phone and take the tips from him, it you convinced try for a week and if you get good results, continue.. For your kind information, he will suggest the vegetables and fruits which are not having fructose.


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