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Hi all ,

So in this forum many people are managing there diabetes without drug with excercise and diet.Many people in this earth is taking their small meal at regular interval for controlling diabetes without drug.(two people i know persnally). I wanted to know how many of us in this forum is managing his/her diabetes without drug. Please mention his/her drug free year as well.

Age:- 29 Years

diet :-partial lchf less carb

drug :-1/2-0-1/2 MF

FBS :-78


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  • Well done adopting a LCHF lifestyle. Adopting this way of life means many people with T2 diabetes will be sympton and drug free - effectively cured!

  • only yesterday I witnessed a programme on cure of diabetes in72 hours.ithe is a doctor well studied and had a scholerly approch to the problem. As far as I am concerned I knew the therapy have applied to a lot of patients and is very successful indeed.the punch line of the seminar conducted at aurangabad maharashtra on 25 th instant was

    " healthy life without 3 d's e.g. DOCTOR / DRUGS / AND DIABETES.

    THE DR. IS bISWAROOP ROY CHAODHARI. I highly recommend his approch and assure the readers of atleast 90% success in recovery from diabetes and allied ailments.

    his therapy is very simple and effective. another theraphy of the same nature is




  • Can you elaborate here these therapies?

  • sure my dear ! I will suggest u to follow the "SARVOPGHAT SHAMANIYA YOG" WITHOUT ANY HASITATION . have confidence in your self and start this treatment on any monday after having a good quantum of HARAD (haritaki) with rock salr at bed time.

    next day Get-up and have 5 gm. of Yashtimadhu mixed with 5 gms. of Wai-vidang in lukewarm water.

    let the medicine digest for an hour or two.

    have Rice coocked with MOONGDAAL and mixed with AAMLA juice.

    to satisfy the hunger.

    repeat the same in Evening as well.

    bigin surya namaskars in morning and evening also if possible.

    you have to carry on this for 21 days without gap.

    I assure you my freind that you will get out of not only diabetes but thyride/BP and any other ailment your body is having.

    If you take some Rasayan treatment in winter just allot a life span of 100 years without any ailment to your self.

  • ofcourse I have the CD of a qualified doctor conducting seminars in india I do not know how to send the 2 hors dvd by e mail. I will try to get help from some IT pro. plz. mail me ur Email id.

    the simple abreviation and summery of his treatment is :

    Avoid Milk and other animal based foods.

    eat atleast 800 gm to 1000 gms of season fruits in the morning.

    have hunza tea instead of regular tea.

    u can substitute nutmilk with cow or buffelo milk.

    have as much sprouts and grean salad in lunch and diner.

    follow the instructions in the dvd.

    I assure you of getting rid of 3 Ds e.g.

    diabetes / doctors and Drugs in 3 days.

  • Fifth year drug free - LCHF diet.

    Eating six to eight times a day and not reducing carbs will not help in the long run, because at the end of the day one is still eating High Carb Low fat diet which is most horrible diet for diabetics

  • hello,,

    there is a herb which is very effective and beneficial for diabetic patients.

    Take 500mg of Banaba xt powder or capsule with boiled water twice a day. Its not only control your sugar level but also relief from allopathy.

    for more suggestion, you can inbox us at mountainagewc@gmail.com

  • I am 41 years old. My FBS is 120 to 130 and two hours after food 110 to 150. I don't take any sugar control medicine. I only exercise.

    My uric acid level was a little high and my total cholesterol level is a little high.

    I can go with low carb but hesitant to start High Fat thinking it will worsen my lipids and uric acid.

    Any suggestions from anyone

  • Many thanks Mr. Champak

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