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Substitute of Lipaglyn 4mg

In addition to the queries already raised in the forum by me, my attending Physician (Doctor) has prescribed me Lipaglyn 4mg (to be consumed daily once before breakfast). This tablet is in addition to Glycomet GP2 and Insuman Comb50 (22 & 16 units daily). While I am taking both the tablets and based on the opinions in this forum, I now started taking Human Mixtard 50 [(40iu/ml) (prescribed by Bank's Doctor and which is given free of charge from our Dispensary], without altering the dosage instead of Insuman Comb50 with a hope that there would not be any effects. Now, I need your valuable opinion whether I can take ATOREM F10 tablet (which is also prescribed by my Bank's Doctor and is given free of charge from our Bank's Dispensary) instead of LIPAGLYN 4mg. The reason for interchangeability is mainly due to huge cost factor as I had to spend more than Rs.2,000/- pm (10% of my Pension) for INSUMAN COMB50 and LIPAGLYN 4mg and I would be saving this amount if I use the alternate medicines (available free of cost from our Bank's Dispensary) prescribed by my Bank's Doctor. Please provide your valuable feedback and opinion. Thank you.

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