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Dental Implants in Thailand- Restoring a New Life in You

Are you suffering from a terrible tooth loss? Do you feel inability in chewing food or speaking efficiently?

Tooth loss has become a common problem that can occur due to several reasons including tooth decay, aging, poor lifestyle habits, chronic disease, accident or gum disease. At this juncture, doctors suggest dental implant treatment as an effective solution to replace missing teeth.

While, most patients often consider traditional treatments such as dentures and bridges, which provide only temporary solution to broken, missed or chipped out teeth, getting a dental implant treatment ensures a permanent cure.

What is an implant?

An implant functions much like all the natural teeth. It is an artificial tooth that is surgically placed into the jaw of the patient. The dental implant procedure includes innovative dentistry techniques and ensures a long-lasting relief to issues associated with dental loss.

Some of the major benefits of dental implant over bridges include

Teeth look and function naturally.

Alleviation of irritation after the implant placement.

No bone loss.

No alteration of nearby healthy teeth.

Some of the major benefits of dental implant over dentures

Prevents bone loss.

No use of adhesives for keeping the implants in place

Enhanced efficiency to chew & speak.

Enhanced natural smile.

Restored facial beauty.

Implants are non-removable.

Implants are fixed.

Implants are long-lasting.

Implants prevents shrinkage of jawbone making the face look young

The procedure of dental implant

When the patient approaches a <a href="http://www.bfcdental.com/"> dental implant facility</a>, the entire implant procedure is explained to him or her by the dentist specialist only in order to prepare the patient mentally for the treatment. The dentist helps the patient to comprehend how the placement of the implants will be made while giving a mild anesthesia, if required. As per the patient’s condition, the dentist may recommend the following treatments to the patient:

Single tooth replacement treatment- If the candidate has lost a single tooth then only one implant would be recommended.

Multiple tooth replacement treatment- If the candidate loses more than one tooth, then an implant supported bridge may be suggested.

All teeth replacement treatment- In case where the candidate has lost of his teeth then the implant supported full bridge may be recommended to the patient.

Suffering from tooth loss adds to several unexplained psychological issues apart from health issues, which the victim might not be able to express and ends up being in isolation. At this juncture, dental implants once fixed, work as natural teeth and restore the inner happiness of the victim by helping him overcoming all the associated issues with tooth that he or she might be facing before.

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