Since last 40 years my weight is not increased. I am 83 years old from Mumbai, India. Any suggestion?

My B`age is 56, My ht is 160, My BMI is 19.0, My Wt is 48.7, My BMR is 1205, My B`Fat is 31.6(++), My V`Fat is 5(0), My Sub Fat and SK Musle are: Body 20.5(++) & 23.8(-3), Trunk is 17.7(+3) and 16.6(-3), My Legs are 26.3 (+3) and 41.4(-3), and Arms are: 25.3 (+3) and 32.6 (-3)

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  • You seem to be doing fine.Be happy.

  • dear sunderkt,

    in most of the people old age brings a reduction in weight only. why surprised , weight has not increased?

    only in few people old age weight rises.

    most people when they retire gain weight. that is because ,they have less physical activity.this is mis understood as due yoold age

    when we become older our ability to digest and utilize food reduces. but in most people there is no corresponding reduction in desire to eat.desire is the cause of all evil , the great Buddhist saying.

    though i do not completely agree with this.

    so over eating causes troubles.

    hope this gives light in many people

    in your case you need only do one thing .

    continuously reduce your total food for the day, until you reach a point where your weight begins to fall. STOP there.

    good luck.

  • doing well.why worry unnessarily?

  • Respected Sir

    You need to consider yourself lucky and raise your hands in praise of the Almighty for keeping your weight constant. My father had a constant weight for close to 55 years and did not have any health problems. He never went to a doctor and died peacefully in his sleep. The cause of death was old age.

    If your weight reduces drastically and if you are a diabetic, it is a very bad sign.

    Go for regular walks, avoid spicy and oily food, maintain a standard food intake and try to be happy. If possible, try to do some meditation.

    Wishing you a very long and healthy life

    Prof. S. Venkatesh

    08087165511 / 09422315906

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