In blood stream are RBC made from medcule called hemoglobin. Glucose sticks to hemoglobin to make a glycsylated hemoglobin ____ Hb1 Ac RB C LIVE FOR 8----12WEEKS. THUS BY MEASURING Hb1AC , YU GET THE AVERAGE BLOOD GLUCOSE LEVEL Will get a clear pi cuter of your glucose level starts and helps you reach normal levels and avoid complications of prolongs hi sugars which can harm your HEART,KIDNEY, EYES eyes majarly

Below----5.6% NORMAL

5.6---7.0%(140-156) good control

7.0---8.0%(156--180)fair control

8.0---10.0%(180--240)Un satisfactory controll

Above 10.0%(--250----) poor control

consulate regularly Dr


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7 Replies

  • Do you suggest that Blood sugar level should be checked by testing after every meal/Break fast, Lunch and Dinner?

  • weekly once test ran dam sugar ,fasting sugar,Hb1ac every 3months

  • Thank you Harsta! We may discuss after I undergo these tests.

  • very good information.

  • Thanks sir, a very good information about Hb!AC test.

  • good information sir. is there any time period for checking this such as with empty stomach etc?

  • no time for H1abc

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