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Diabetes is curable without medicine. Read:- YOUR HEALTH IS IN YOUR MOUTH


Diabetes is not a disease. it can't cure by any medicine or substitute.For

cure yourself and yours generations Please.Read:- YOUR HEALTH IS IN YOUR MOUTH

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Gentleman! if health is in your mouth, pls amplify, substantiate at length, HOW? is there some web site you asking us to refer or was there an explanation form you in some previous blog/post???? pls write in detail, Thanks a million in advance, God bless us all with good health, my mailer id: lalit.jhaveri@gmail.com if writing outside public domain, I'm Mumbai-based.


Thank you to raise a Question.Our mouth secrets many kind of enzymes .Its cure many kinds of disease and keep our metabolic process accurate.FOR DETAILS Read my book YOUR HEALTH IS IN YOUR MOUTH in indiaebooks.com


This side is showing This side has stepped out a bit, any other way to reach you


No need to reach my place you can read my book in indiaebooks.com health and fitness.Your health is in your mouth.


These informations are nothing but cheating the diabetics.No other medicine except allopathy can help for flow of insulin ,a hormone.Please donot allow such blogs.


Mr. Girodhari

You have blind believe in allopathy.I advise you first read my book Your health is in your mouth.publish by novelty & co. Patna Bihar then comment.


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