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Hospital trip

I had a hospital appointment this morning with a consultant about my Diabetes.

I've been prodded and poked lol. Taken me off one tablet and will be replacing that with a self injection

Got also to moisturise my lower legs and feet so I've got a moisturiser from Boots.

They will also be giving me an appointment to see a dietitian too as I need to lose weight. That will be fun!!!

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The prognosis doesn't tend to be good, unless you reduce your carbohydrate intake phcuk.org/eat-fat-cut-the-c... Eat more natural fat instead.


Good luck with your dietitian appointment. Losing weight may make all the difference to you. Go for it!! I have managed to lower my blood sugars by cutting down on sugar and carbs in my diet.


Hi, yes losing weight will be very helpful for me. I've always been fat starting at my first school when I was five and getting bullied and taunted over my size. Fat Pie, Fat Pie they would say every play time.

I used to be in the army back in the day, played rugby too and was fit.

Hopefully I will get there.


Dear Concerned

Thank you for your reply.

I tend to eat a load of ready meals. Throw them in the microwave and away you go.

I only have a very small kitchen hence a work top cooker although I have cooked a Christmas Dinner in the cooker!!! Tasted ok as well lol.

Summer I eat salad stuff.


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