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best advice to seek

Hi my name is Melissa, I have been diagnosed with all types of health issues, Most highest is High Blood pressure. Went doctors this morning and been put back on medication for this as its extremely high. I am going through a lot of stress but eating chocolates is not helping my situation either. This afternoon, I experienced my right hand just a bit floppy, no life in this to be honest not sure what this could be? Any ideas. Came online to research and came across this site hence I am logged in.

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Hi have you spoken to your gp about all of these symptoms in detail because you probably need some tests.

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Hiya, Have not been on here for a while until today again, so just seeing this message now, so i apologise this is late replying. Yes i did have some test in relation to how i felt that day and it turned out that i had experienced a mini stroke, tia i believe they called it. I am trying to be more cautious of what i do and m,y stress levels.


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