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Second opinion


I am 75 years. I am a diabitic for the last three years. Now suger leverl is in control. Have a little heart problem, and Blood Pressure.

At present I am suffering from back pain, toes numbness, knee pain, and some limpness in walking in left leg.

Doctor has advised to take

Olmephage H (40 mg), Met GL2, Deplat A (75 mg),

Rosucort F, Oxybeta Caplsule, Pentofab D (40mg),

Monotrate 20 mg

Any advise, please write.

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I'm 85 and I've found that some of the things you mention are just the result of old age and have to put up with. Sugar levels, blood pressure and little heart problems are important. Do as your doctor advises then come back and tell us how much better you feel. :-)


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