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alternative medicine

Diabetes gets controlled by food , herbal medicines exercises along with conventional medicines .Alternative medicine would go along with conventional medicines concurrently . Especially accupressure , meditation , yoga , psychosomatic treatments are very effective in controlling auto immune diseases . One should have an open mind for the alternative treatment.

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Dear sir

As per your instructed medicines my sugar level is controlled. But one issue has developed there is sexual issue, erectile issue, please suggest good homeopathic medicines.



Alcoholic use / tobacco use , liver problem , multiple sclerosis , use of some medicines like antihistamines ,anti depressants , some times psychological problems all could lead to the problem expressed by you .Unless the causative factor is known a medicine can 't be given . It is better to get examined to rule out any of the above factors . Actually I have been warned for recommending ayurveda , homeopathy , yoga , herbal medicines for autoimmune diseases , that my posts would be restricted. unless a change in the general attitude takes place ,it is rather difficult to suggest a medicine with out a thorough examination . A couple of weeks back a cousin of my husband from Australia landed up in severe breathing problem after a trip to Varanasi . No amount of modern medicine with intravenuous injections gave relief to him . As a last resort he contacted me . With homeopathic Drosera he got immediate relief .Now he is going back on 31 Jan 2017 and asked me medicines for his diabetes with which he has been suffering for the past 23 years .


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