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Help your body 2

Following up on the thoughts about what we are putting into our bodies. I think the official 5 a day advice should be changed to 5 LIVE A DAY. Then it would be meaningful.

Take fresh garden peas or beans or carrots or swedes for example. Even parts of carrots or swedes etc. which have been cut will often sprout fresh growth. That is because the vegetable has life and when we eat it we are putting that life, that goodness, into our body to nourish it.

I often see tin cans on the shop shelves stating "1 (or 2) of your 5 a day" on the label. Just how can that be? Any food which is canned has got to be dead - totally devoid of life. Try opening a can and watch the contents. Nothing will happen of course except that it will eventually turn to foul-smelling mush because the "food" is dead. It may have some value when we eat it because of added vitamins and minerals etc. but as true nourishment for our bodies, to give us life, it is a non-starter.

I'm not suggesting you can't eat good cooked meals. Of course you can. But make sure you include plenty of fresh, live, food in your diet as well