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I'm sure that many of our problems are caused by a lack of attention to what we are putting into our bodies. We might try to convince ourselves that we are careful but in reality we often aren't. We need to really understand that what we are eating is what we are giving our body to survive on and repair itself with for the next few days.

As an example think about the 5-a-day suggestion that so many diabetic experts suggest. I think the concept is fine in itself but is so open as to be virtually meaningless. So many so called 5-a-day foods can be anything but good.

Take "fresh" fruit drinks for instance. Most are anything but fresh. The original good fruit will have been pasteurised, sterilised, made into concentrate, reconstituted with added ingredients such as flavourings, colourings, artificial vitamins, etc. etc. prior to sale. The end product might look or taste good but in reality it bears no resemblance to the real 5-a-day principle. If you have any doubts about this take a look at foodrenegade.com/secret-ing...

Ignore all the blurb just read the facts.

Then, instead of swallowing all that junk why not just eat a real fresh orange or apple etc. It will be so much more healthy for your body and just as cheap.

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No argument here, bang on the money!


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