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Metformin and gliclizide


I've been diabetic for 8 years and have had trouble controlling my diabetes (I'm also coeliac). Recently my blood sugars were flagged high and the nurse has just put me on 80mg of gliclizide (I previously took 40) and I'm also on 2000mg of metformin a day. But its made me feel poorly, is this normal? Should I persue it? I also have NAFL.


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Worry not,dear fellow diabetic,! I have been in this condition for now 26 years and I have managed to control it and lead a normal life. I have been using insulin lente and actrapid. Whatever the case, the secret lies in controlling your B.S. by controlling your diet, your physical fitness and your psychological approach to your condition.

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Hi I was on 80mgs of gliclizide been on it for 5 years but it was not working for me at all so went back to see my gp and told him it's not worked for me so him put me on this it's called dapagliflozin I'm on 10mgs once a day been on it for 4 months now and my blood sugars are now under control and I have lost weight with it the drug has only been out for a year or so.

If I was u go back to u gp and ask him to put u on it instead of cliclizide and metformin u only need the one tablet good luck and best wishes

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too high doze of med will give you high reading of bs. first control your diet. like breakfast two eggs,one brown bread toast and tea with milk and no sugar. lunch two pcs of chicken, two table spoons of rice(preferable brown rice) two chappaties with veg etc night nuts, milk or light dinner


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