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Chronic venous insuffiency and enlarged heart etc

Hi I am long term disabled 56 year old man with a fused vertabra, I have recently been diagnosed with with a endocrine condition and am receiving treatment for. Unfortunately I have acquired a large amount of weight which is unexplainable. Along with this I sufferer edeama of the body, namely the legs, but there is indication that it is more severe than first thought. I have been prescribed knee high compression hosiery, which to me is inadequate as my legs swell above the knee etc showing varicase veins on swollen legs. I also take furosomide, but this only helps a bit. Recently I have scans on my heart at my own request and it was discovered I have an enlarged heart, which is inherited from my mother. This proves problems on hot days as well as an occasional wheeze.

Since receiving treatment for my endocrine conditiion I have been trying to rehabilitate myself because I was too ill before. I have embarked on swimming four or five times a week, because I have difficulty with walking, which was given the go ahead by my doctor. I only swim for about thirty minutes because my muscles are so weak afterwards I have difficulty getting out of the pool.

I would like to know is there any compression garment available or swimming? Also can anyone offer any advice on how I should pursue this further because I am stuck in limbo.


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Hi Andy, it sounds like you been through the mill, health wise. Swimming is great exercise for folk with mobility problems, regardless of their cause, and swimming 4/5 times a week for 30 minutes is a great achievement. I have also recently returned to swimming due to mobility difficulties but I am no where near your level of exercise.

I also have lymphoedema in both legs for which I have to wear compression stockings. When my hands are good I wear a thigh length stocking on my left leg and a knee high one on my right. When my hands are bad it is 2 knee length stockings as you need strong hands for the longer stockings.

For swimming it is recommended that you wear the same compressions garments but ones from a previous prescription as the chlorine weakens the fabric. However on the plus side wearing them in the wet increases the level of compression they give which is better for your legs.

I'm not sure I explained that too well. If I got my new stockings in May, I would wear these when I am not swimming but I would wear my previous stockings that I got in November when I was in the pool. I hope that makes it clearer. If you don't have old stockings then you could wear your day to day ones in the pool but you would need to wash and rinse them thoroughly before wearing them again. I hope that helps, Linda.


Unless we gain control of hormones such as insulin/IGF-1 it has a knock-on effect to other hormones in our endocrine system, and ultimately our health.

It's great that you've taken to trying to be more active in a way you can manage.

Ultimately we have to limit the amount of carbohydrate we eat. Have controlled amounts of milk, sweetcorn, sweet potatoes, barley, quinoa, bulgur wheat, banana, whole oats, peas, beans (from dried), chickpeas, or dried-apricots with above-ground vegetables. Accompany them with a palm-size or less of protein foods at each meal: eggs, cheese, fish, beef, lamb, pork, poultry or seafood, and make up the balance with natural fat: cream cheese, avocado, nuts, double cream, meat-fats, olives, or coconut.

All the best!


Hi Andy,

I Think you may opt for Lymphatic drainage massage. Take opinion from your physician.


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