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my name is nagu shankar agd 67.i am taking only ayurvedic medicines(diapent,madhumeha kusumakar rasa daily two,karelajamun juice,amlajuice

doing walking morning 1/2 hour evening 1/2hour.strict diet with no sugar or sweets.i don't have any symptoms of diabetes.but still my fbs is elevated like 230. can you please help me to bring down the reading.i hope you will do the same and oblige.

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matru13-ashram: BS over 200 is almost certainly diabetic! Is your HbA1C up to or less than 6.4%?

I suggest you reduce carbohydrates, modify simple carb and add fibres etc. Also, more frequent meals (smaller food intake 6-10 times a day; I take 2 snacks between dinner and breakfast) is something you can experiment with. Within 2014, from January 11 I brought down my blood sugar from average of over 285 to under 140 [HbA1c down to 6.4% from 11.6%] without any medicine. I have put out my daily diet quota on this forum twice or thrice. efar52@gmail.com


hi have you looked to the diabetic forum for advise, or cut out flour, potatoes, fruit, in fact most carbohydrates, and you will see your sugar levels drop, be carefull what medication you take, you could go hypo.


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