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Cluster Headache did not start this year ????????????????

Dear friends, As i mentioned earlier that I am suffering from Cluster Headache for the last 18 years and this was to be the 19th and it was to start during the month of June as last year it started during the first week (05th June). I was waiting for the devil to come and dance with me and the June month is almost half and so far so good.

Fellas if you remember that last year I did the exorcism as this was the only thing I did not do so the attack started on 05th June and I went to someone during first week of July and the very same day the cycle stopped.

Three-four weeks back I just slipped in my house and landed on my back and my head banged in the wall so badly that I thought I cracked it as the pain was too much and I cried with pain so loudly and after 10 minutes I was OK

Now I do not understand that

This CH did not show up because it has skipped me twice during the last 19 years and this be the third time


because of that exorcism that I did


because that slipping and landing on my back banging my head in the wall so so badly

(as it also started while I had an auto accident and cracked my head causing the Cluster Headache to start)

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