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Can type 2 diabetes be reversed in the early stages by a low calorie diet?

I watched a programme last week with my diabetic father in which a man managed to reverse his diabetes by following a very low calorie diet. The experts said this was possible for people diagnosed less than 4 years ago. However my practice nurse said that once you had type 2 you had it for life. Very confused. Can anyone help? Please...

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Yes, research has shown it is possible . However it is not a lifelong reversal, and you have to maintain the same low calories for a long time.

After sometime however since diabetes is progressive once it shows up, eventually it "comes back".

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Many thanks for your response. That is pretty much what my practice nurse told me too.


She is right, once the diabetes gene expresses itself, the effect is progressive , we can back track it awhile but eventually it beats our efforts.

Blessings and best wishes as you make the most of everything.


pcm16: Even Mayo Clinic NOW recognizes that type II can be reversed. In 2005 I reversed it. In 2009 I perhaps almost reversed it (I did not monitor long enough). Beginning 2014 my blood sugar average was over 285 and in May (last month) it was < 140. However, a more impressive and lasting performance is of ShooterGeorge. he is a little older than me and has been diabetic for longer than me, his parents were diabetic ...he believes Long Grain Wheat Mash has played a major role. Critics still say his diabetes @ HBA1C 5.6 is still there. Be it may, at such low score he is not going to have bad consequences and peripheral ailments associated with Diabetes. Trace him here and follow him. medfree and indiacratus are other names that come to mind off hand. There are two or more others (in fact one some Gupta and 2 more) I have followed a medium carbohydrate diet and it worked for me without medicines! I have put my daily diet quota on this forum several times and also emailed to over 150 members who asked for it. efar52@gmail.com


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