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What should i take to control my blood sugar?

I am 51 year old of age having 70kg of wa8 suffering with diabetes type II for last 10 years. Couple of days before I was taking Amryl MP2 before breakfast and Pioz MF 30 after dinner. With this medication my blood test statistics was BSF=162mg/dl, BSPP=192/mg/dl and HgA1C=10.4. Then i consulted another doctor who has prescribed me Glycinorm Total 60 evening morning before meal and SoloStar 10 unit at bed time. However, test shows this medication is not working as it should. It gives BSF=115 and BSPP=236. May I have honour to request some doctor in this community to help me out and guide?

M. Asghar

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Sincerely, you have essentially gone through the normal progression of Type 2 diabetes and at this juncture you should be on Insulin ( twice daily or more if you can handle it) and metformin, plus of course the healthy meal planning and exercise.


You should also be checking your carb intake, give yourself say 50g or carb per meal and see if that makes a difference (total 150g). Check your bloods to see if you spike with any particular carb and speak to your diabetic nurse about doing an Xpert course to learn more about it.


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