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Pain after a Clean, and consistant Bleeding Gums

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Hello All

I hope you can all help me, So I'm just turned 30 I've had bleeding gums since I was about 9 years old and always told not to worry about it. As a usual child I didn't up until about 3 years ago when I had to change dentists due to moving to another part of the country. They advised that I had gum disease and the bleeding was something to worry about. Since then I've had problems with my lower right side (Impacted wisdom tooth) Removed at the hospital under a G/A and also my Lower Left side (2 Fillings on the back).

My lower right has always had a moderate ache on there since, it was 18 months since it was removed and also when I was there was told my bone was pretty gone in my front of my teeth on the lower. I've also started grinding my teeth in about the last 6 months on the lower right.

The dentist tells me I need a clean and its not at the major stage, but I'm concerned he only looks and is very quick about it.

Anyways I've had a clean on Monday and since then the bleedings stopped and I'm continuing to work on my brushing, using the dye tablets. But since then my top front teeth feel really sore, the only way I can describe is if I put pressure on them like push them up it feels like pulsing.

I'm back at the hygienist in 3 months but am I just being paranoid, or do I make another appointment with the dentist. and what do I insist on?

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Your dentist needs to refer you to a good periodontist immediately. This "not at a major stage" is nonsense, unprofessional advice and is at your long term expense both financial, physical and emotional. As for the dentist who told you not to worry about it, that is clinically delinquent.

You are still young and have a long way to go with your teeth in your life. You deserve to have your teeth looked at properly.

I have to say like the conventional medical profession, the conventional dental profession can become ignorant and live a life of following the conventional protocol and not look beyond.


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