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Mainly teeth pain but other problems in mouth also

Seventy year old male. My problems started in November of last year. Went to the dentist for my six month cleaning. I was having some discomfort with tooth #7. The girl cleaned my teeth and I had a tray in mouth type fluoride treatment done. Never had one before. Since then I have had trouble with basically all my teeth hurting. It kills me when they come together and touch. Not sensitive to hot or cold. Been to six different dentist and three different doctors and no one has a clue. They say all my teeth look good and can't see anything wrong. Went to a periodontist and he checked my gums and said they look good. Been tired on medicine for differnet things but nothing has done any good. When I say my teeth hurt I mean like if I tap them with my finger nail. Mainly the front top and bottom teeth sort of a numb type feeling. I can't really describe it but it hurts and annoys me to no end.

Also my top teeth and bottom teeth and gums feel sort of like they are paralyzed or something. Doesn't do this all the time though. Also most of the time I feel like my mouth is extremely dry but I might have drool coming out the side of my mouth and it seems harder to swallow than usual.

Went to my ENT today. He checked me out and said everything looked ok which is good. I asked him if it looked like I have dry mouth and he said no so I don't know why I get this feeling.

I don't know what to do about my teeth or who to go to. I guess I may go to a neurologist and see if they can tell me anything. It just seems awful strange that all this started after I had a fluoride treatment. I have said something about this to everyone I have went to and they say it doesn't have anything to do with it. If it doesn't it sure is a heck of a coincidence. If anyone has any ideas or questions please let me know. Thanks


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