Meniere's Disease!

Excuse some of my writing I do tend to miss words or wrong words put in....... If I want help will firstly have to help myself! Dreading the thought of Meniere's disease so am thinking and researching how myself can possibly lead a healthier life style and I know stopping smoking will obviously be of great benefit considering the damage it does. Another eating more healthy and some exercise. Wish me 🍀!

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  • Good luck

  • Good luck !

  • u know Foxy i used to smoke - gave it up but heres the thing whenever i tried it was pretty useless then one day i just stopped right (now i know) everyones got an i am opinion but thats not the point here the i am moments was when i did not attempt to try to stop but just stopped then the need went away and i promise you a slight change in thinking can do wonders - 7 years now and not one day passes when i even think about it .. hope this helps its a tricky one for sure but hey Foxy it aint impossible trying to say here what i realised was dont think it just do it ..

  • Thank you.