Decisions Decisions?????

Hi I am new to the site but have struggled with my hearing for years. I have hid it until the last few years where its become worse and my kids are having to repeat themselves and my partner can't stand how loud the tv has to be. I can't remember the name of the condition but its something to do with perforated eardrums. I have the consultant again on the 15th and don't know if I should go straight to hearing aids or risk the operation. HELP PLEASE xoxo

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  • Hi I'm new here too.

    I don't know about pros or cons of your specific needs.

    I have my first Nhs audiology apt on the 12th... i feel your pain re what will be the best course of action will be. Just really hope the teams at the hospital understand where we are at in life and offer the best support they can!!!

  • Good luck with your apt. I had my first one last year and told the operation held no guarentees and had a chance of making it worse.

  • Good luck for today

  • Thank you Abu78, I decided to give the hearing aids a go xoxo

  • Sorry I've only just seen this!! Have you got them yet?

  • Not yet waiting on appointment although the moulds have been taken

  • Obviously you will have to wait for the consultants answer, but before jumping into any operation I would consider hearing aids, BUT if your ears are prone to infections, or being runny, which is a symptom of perforated ear drums, wearing a hearing aid may make the matter worse, and again an operation may not be successful , therefore you may be suitable for a BAHA, Bone Anchored Hearing Aid, where a pad is anchored to the bone behind the ear and vibrates the sound directly to the nerve, or you can get vibrating pad that fit on specticals, so you do have options, but if your ear is dry and clean, I would go for hearing aids first.

  • be or not to be that is the question....but I can answer that quite easily...your first answer is, if I have an operation will it restore my hearing or will it, could it make it worse, that is yes it could make it worse, so your first option if suitable is wearing hearing aids, if then you don't get on, an operation may be the last resort, but you've taken the least risk first.

  • I seem to be answering this a couple of time, must be Xmas.

  • Hehe. I am trying the aods first been fitted for the moulds so just waiting to hear when they are in lol xoxo

  • Don't give up on the aids, NHS are not the best out of the box, ask for a copy of your audiogram, send to me, and I can advise you, my mail is Thanks for reply.

  • Hi, good luck with your hearing aids, I am 41 and lost my hearing in one ear a couple of years ago, I personally found the ones that have an umbrella top on the tube, that sit just inside the ear canal much better, as they allowed my ears to breathe, and any fluid to still find its way out, if you have problems withe the full plastic ones, its worth asking about these types. The operation question was put to me, i'm still debating it.