Still Positive After All These Years

Hi I’m Phil. I have total loss of hearing in right ear with tinnitus in that ear (constant white noise). I do have a good left ear though. This happened in 1990 (aged 43) because I insisted on continuing to work when I had an extremely bad cold (may have been flu it was so bad). I worked as a long distance HGV driver and slept in the bunk all week. My own fault, I tell everyone now never go to work if you have a cold.

I had a series of tests at the Royal London Ear Nose and Throat Hospital but the hairs had all died so there was no cure. I wanted my hearing related medical records at the time in case there would be help in the future. I had to fight to get them even though they were no good to the hospital.

Due to all that I lost my job and had some trouble adapting. But my brain reconfigured itself to all sounds coming from the left and I learned to be dismissive about the tinnitus and not let it get me down. I retrained as a system engineer and worked on network servers.

The tinnitus is the same but now moving towards my left ear also which is a bit of a worry. I read of recent stem cell (?) research into re-growing the small hairs to restore hearing but that seems to have come to nothing.

Worst thing was that I loved music and had a high end quadraphonic system back then, but now I just hear in mono. I am not gentle with people who see deaf people as someone who is stupid, hopefully times have changed now.

I’m 70 this year and would love to hear stereo again. I have an old (1990) hearing aid but it was no good to me at all, have they improved now?

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  • Hi freebird, I think you should definitely give hearing aids another go, I've recently been fitted with them, after developing a severe hearing loss in one ear last year, in similar circumstances to you I think, and they're wonderful!

    I have an earmould type in the really bad ear and a dome type fitting in the better ear and I couldn't live without them.

    I also have tinnitus in the worse ear and the hearing aid helps massively. Definitely go for it-Bev x

  • Thanks very much for the advice Bev. I will now see my GP and discuss it. Many Thanks. Phil

  • Hi, I agree with mrshanson, they have definitely changed and worth another try. When I was 1st diagnosed with profound high frequency loss I was not offered a hearing aid as it would not help. When digital aids came in I was offered one. It makes a big difference and does help with tinnitus too . hope it all goes well for you

  • Hi Jayfer, thanks very much for your advice. Its very encouraging. I will see my GP and let you know how I get on. Look after yourself. Phil