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Hi all............

Didn't know there was a group for Deaf/Hearing impaired ,

Born hearing impaired then both eardrums burst when i was about 5yrs old at school went to hearing school till i was 16 then onto a deaf school in Doncaster guess you might say i fell through the net lol . I'm deaf in high pitch and now in low i hear sounds but not words if that makes sense hmm... i have trouble trying to explain to folk how i hear them talk although i don't understand folk that live North of where i live nor foreign accents sadly most the doctors and specialist i see are foreign and i have to take my step mother with me (rather i didn't as i don't always want her to know stuff) anyone know what i can do? how i discribe how i hear some folk is how music score goes if that makes sense . Missed out on a lot of schooling feel so cheated my deafness is a royal pain in the backside not many folk believe me guess i've learnt to get along best i know how . sorry if i've come across odd nearly 5am most probs what i've written doesn't make much sense lol thanks for reading anyway .

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  • Hi Gypsy,

    This forum is not so busy...

    I think I understand what you've said when trying to explain to others about your deafness. I try to explain to my wife how when she talks facing away, I have great difficulty hearing her. I've tried explaining what it's like (muffled and muddy), but unless you have a loss, I think it's difficult to understand.

    I'm adult onset with two HAs and just got the Oticon Synergy from the NHS - bless 'em, I'm grateful! I gather my loss is now moderate and these new aids are a real help. I can turn the TV down again!

    But from birth with accidents - that has to have been tough. Up at 5 AM? I'm usually up then too, but from arthritis pains. I used to be excellent with accents but they are now becoming quite a problem for me. I hear what you're saying...

    Oh well, these things are sent to try us - and they do!


  • Hi MickyJ

    Thank you for replying to my thread :)

    I've tried different hearing aids since i was a child non makes any difference to words sounds yes make loud but words doesn't make any difference just louder not sure if its cos i only hear 4 letter of the alphabet or what , My father never understood my deafness doubt he ever will when i visit he won't let me have subtitles on saying they annoy him lol not sure if i annoy him whan i ask whats being said haha, Very rare i go to bed before 4 or 5am i suffer with RLS and just found out about BSF along with fibro last week i slept 4hrs in 4 days bad week for me didn't sleep last night fingers cross i do tonight .

    yeah accents getting tougher now for me too think more because folk moving into area's where we never had outsiders (small town even smaller village lol ) only in the last 6 months have outsiders being moving in i don't live in town myself just the even smaller village :) .

    Aye true about things sent to try us out and by gosh they do life eh! get on with it best we know how different time different era years ago told can't do that can't do this won't be able to do ...... now days younger folk have better chances i think although shutting deaf schools is wrong specially in small town where might only be one child thats deaf within hearing school cut off no deaf culture either . oppss sorry babbled on typical of me .

  • Hi, i have severe high frequency hearing loss. I also have problems understanding what people with different accents say. My poor new dentist couldn't stop laughing when I explained what I heard him say. He wants me to see their hygienist and he told me she was very ugly!! what he really said was she's lovely but I heard ugly lol . I'm still hopeful this site will start being used more, it's good to have people who have some understanding of your issues to chat to

  • Like that birthday card:

    Person 1 - "Gosh it's windy today"

    Person 2 - "I thought it was Thursday"

    Person 1 - "Ok, lets get a cup of tea"

    and so it goes... :-)

  • Cute!

  • I'm always doing that good job i can laugh at myself although some folk treat me as being ignorant when i do miss hear what they've said sad really cos if i was in a wheelchair they'd make acceptions where's deafness there's no excuse in their mind if you can't see what's wrong then your ok lol .

  • So true (see my previous ramble!)

  • I'm getting deeper learning about hearing problems and it's quite a challenge. I have noticed how when someone covers their mouth, how much less I can catch - proves to me I'm lip reading!

    One audiologist suggested I watch some of the local soap operas, like East Enders, but that might be a step to far for me! Probably a good idea but not so appealing for me.

    Don't the Americans have a speech recognition measurement? That makes sense to me - shame we don't use that in the UK.

    RLS - oh, no. What a pain that would be. I'm not sure about the BSF?

    Seems like we accumulate conditions as the years build up. Take care!


  • I have subtitles on as does my daughter she too has a hearing loss if i close my eyes i wouldn't know a damn words wwith or without hearing aids they just don't clear words up sound the same just louder im sure there's a word for it just can't think ,

    RLS been a part of my life since i was 8yrs old again something you can't see hmm well... an if was to live with me my life in the hands of rls lol couple hrs sleep here and there best i can do is 6 to 8 hrs week sleep and thats a good week lol crazy.......... life , BFS=Benign fasciculation syndrome watching my calf muscles move around on their own almost like watching a heavly expectant mother baby moving weird feeling so no rest for the muscles at all that goes on 24/7 too , how are you with vibrations ? i know im highly sensitive living down a lane in the stick i can feel the lorries coming down the main road or feel thunder a good 10 to 15 mins before it actually here always knows when there's a good storm coming has it's uses i get my washing in before it hits ;o) .

    going to look at that site you've put on here hopefully it'll be interesting thank you :o)

  • Hi Gypsy,

    I guess you are aware of this site?

    Some good info to be had!

  • Hi gypsy. Your dad does seem a little unsympathetic. Perhaps he's in denial. Love having found this site to ramble on. As said it's better when we're all in the same boat (to some degree or other) to take the mickey out of ourselves but hurtful and frustrating when others that don't (or won't) understand our problems. I tell myself it's not terminal and I shall die with a hearing loss not from one! Wishing everyone a pleasant weekend. Missy

  • Hi Missy i kind of got use to father misunderstanding of my hearing loss it's his loss not mine lol i did write him a long letter couple year ago im told he's not read it :( in it all i did was tell truth his words to me was if he read it and it up-set him then he'd have to up-set me he;s got nowt on me just words i love him just wsh he understands me and who i am . Im not ashamed of who am i im me acctept me or not :) Hope your weekend has gone well x

  • Sorry gypsy what's BSF?


  • is benign fasciculation syndrome i also have RLS =Restless leg syndrome think they should rename it Restless muscle sydrome seeing it affect other muscle in the body .

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