Some people!

Hi all, I really just feel like having somewhere to vent this morning. There's so many 'why's?. WHY do 'some' people who read my lapel badge when serving me in a shop/store (depending where you're from) then expect me to be able to lip read them while their head is bowed forward, reading out something??? WHY, do 'some' people, even when ASKED to 'please face me when they speak' say 'ok' and then turn their back on me when speaking to point something out? I have a choice of two lapel badges to assist those who are 'hearing' One say's "I'm a lipreader, please face me" and the other say's "I'm deaf, please speak clearly". Believe it or not SOME people will openly say that they have 'some basics' in BSL and while I'm thinking 'fab'! THEY then don't bother to even TRY and use it. I would relish it if they did and it would make things so much easier. Plus I live alone, My own BSL skills are rusty. I even helped to teach a friend who had asked me too and it still never gets used with me being expected to Lipread them all the time! Which, ok, would be fine IF they just stopped turning their face away when they speak :-( Rant over. Sorry peeps, luv ya all. x x x

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  • Hi, good place to vent, most here understand your feelings. You mention lapel badges. I'm unsure if my mum would wear them but think they would be good for her, where are they from?. I'm constantly explaining to people when out with her.have a good weekend

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