Unsure on deafness

Hi unsure if anyone can help before I go the doctors and make a fool of my self.

Been having a few hearing problems for about 2 years or so.

I'm constantly asking ppl to repeat themselves and noticed if there is background noise when some one is talking I get distracted and can't not hear what the other person is saying.

When there is a group of people I find it difficlt to hear.

Is it me or is this a sign of deafness. Really unsure.

But also I did notice yesterday, whilst at work I watch emmerdale when the office if quiet and I put in one headphone in one of my ears. Usually my left one. Well I popped it in the right one and noticed the difference between the two tones. Same earphone and tried it in different ears. Found my right ear struggled to hear the sharpness and sounded quiet dull compared to the left ear.

I'm really 😐 confused

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  • Hiya,

    Sounds like there may be some loss there, I had those same struggles, background noise made everything so difficult. It's worth going to see your GP, could just be wax, if not you can get referred for a hearing test.

    Don't put it off for years like I did, if help is needed, go for it, will make life so much easier :0)

  • Thanks for your reply. Has helped xx

  • Let me know how you get on. If you need a chat or have any questions, happy to receive DM'S.

  • Hi, I agree with Dizzee: go to your GP and see what they say. It could indeed be wax, especially as it's in one ear.

    Even with hearing aids, I avoid noisy environments as the background noise makes it all an auditory blur. Not fun.

    Best of luck!

  • No not fun at all..

    Thanks for your reply.


  • I'd go for a hearing test... I feel the same, only diff is both mine are the same! So can't feel an obvious difference

    You can book for a free test at boots or specsavers if you don't want to go to the go first... you'll get an answer much quicker than waiting for an NHS referral!

  • Thanks for your reply. Will look into this straight away. Thanks again xx

  • I can only add to what other are saying. I struggled for longer than I care to remember, it is tiring and wearing. Please go and see your GP or practice nurse. They will look in your ears with a light, it is painless. If your ears are clear you will be sent to Audiology, my appointment took about 4 weeks to come through. You will have another test which involves listening to sounds while wearing headphones and you push a button when you hear them, again painless. I got my hearing aids one week later. The aids do take a while to get used to and it is not like your own hearing. That said it is still worth pursuing... Plus side I can hear what people are saying about me now:)

  • Thanks for your reply. It has helped a lot. I will definitely make an appt this afternoon.


  • Fantastic, let me know how you get on and good luck. xx

  • You wont be making a fool of yourself. You'll feel a fool later if it goes worse and wish you had done something about it. I have all the trouble you have, I'm almost deaf in my left ear and speech is very distorted as it can only pick up certain tones and I can hear some sounds more than others. My advice to you is go and get it checked out before it gets any worse. You can go to Boots for a free hearing test and they will give you advice about what to do. Trust them they are very helpful. I now have hearing aids and it's made such a difference to me not to have to ask people to repeat themselves all the time. Trust them they are very helpful. Hope all turns out OK for you.

  • you should consult the doctor asap. these are the symptoms of profound hearing loss.

  • Well I went to have a hearing test and everything was fine.

    The doctor just mentioned about the type of flooring conflicts with sounds..

    Funny how it sounds..

    I'm completely baffled but still living with same problem.

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