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Hi, I'm 39 and my ears have not been right for 5 months now. I have been told I have fluid in my ears and have been taking antihistamines and using nasal sprays but no better. My hearing is 'down' and after a hearing test at boots they confirmed moderate hearing loss. I currently have another ear infection which is painful and my hearing seems even worse! Going docs tomorrow for another hearing test and hopefully might then get referred to ENT. Anyone else out there experienced anything like this? If so was it temporary?

So fed up of not being able to hear, especially as work in a school. I just end up looking at people and smiling even though I've not heard them- they must think I'm weird!!

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Hi harryjames, your story sounds similar to mine, at least in the beginning, if you've had fluid in your ears and infections for 5 months you definitely need a referral to ent.

I started with an ear infection in one ear, hearing really down in that ear, got worse over a few days, docs said fluid behind ear drum and it can take time to clear (I developed horrible tinnitus with it too) I was using antihistamines and nasal sprays and also inhaling steam with Olbas oil.

If the fluid and is still there Ent may be able to suck it out if that's what's causing the problems.

Mine turned out to be something more serious but it's an hereditary condition so maybe mine was inevitable.

It's awful not being to hear I know! I'm only 38, I've got young children, it's very isolating, you feel like you're in a bubble much of the time with life going on around you but not really being involved, must be very hard working in a school.

Hope it goes well with the docs tomorrow, sounds like you need to ask to be referred to ENT- Bev x


Hi. Thanks for your response. It helps knowing people are in the same 'boat'! Some people are really understanding whereas others seem to get frustrated that you don't hear them- like it's our fault!

I failed the hearing test- badly! Back at docs in 10 days and will insist on being referred! I can't carry on like this and if doesn't improve I am seriously considering quitting my job!

Did they manage to cure your ear troubles??



Hi Caroline, sorry about your hearing test, is the doc still saying there's fluid in your ears? Gp's are pretty clueless about ears, I've come to realise, I'm told 99% of their ent training focus's on kids ear infections so it's not surprising!

It's so frustrating I know, I've been 9 months now since mine started, have to say the tinnitus is the worst bit for me, hope you've not got this?

I was eventually diagnosed with otosclerosis which effects the tiny bones in the middle ear, im waiting to be fitted for hearing aids now.

Please don't quit your job! There's lots can be done once you get refererred to ent, stay strong-Bev x

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Thank you for the encouragement. I do get a bit of ringing in my ears and sometimes a thumping but it's not constant. Is yours there all the time? Do you have to pay for hearing aids? Keep me posted on your progress x


No you get hearing aids free in the NHS, thankfully and yep the tinnitus is constant but I'm told it will improve massively when I get my hearing aids. I really hope so. Let me know how u get on-Bev x


My mum is profoundly deaf and has cochlear implant . she says if she was given a choice between hearing again or no tinnitus she would opt for no tinnitus. Hearing aids do help with tinnitus for me, hope they do for you too.


Hiya, I hope you get your referral and the answers you need. I hope you don't have to quit your work. I can imagine the sheer frustration and wish you the best.


Hi all!

Just been to docs for results of hearing test and they tell me no hearing loss! What??? How can this be? Am I imagining it!! They have referred me to ent tho.. so that's something! I had two tests done at boots and they both showed moderate loss! I just don't get it!! Anyone got any ideas?

Been back work today after 3 days off ill and really struggling to hear the poor kids and even the staff at times! 😩😩


Hi, hope the ent appt gets you some answers. I worked in youth clubs and a school, it was difficult with my deafness, so appreciate your problem. It was staff at school that told me to get checked!


I know with some conditions your hearing can be affected then return to normal. The ENT is the right way to go. Hope all goes well!

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My hearing loss is from numerous ear infections and fluid build up and nerve damage. I had numerous operations to have grommets in which reduce the fluid build up and have had t-tube type grommets in for 19 years now.

I still have infections, still get a lot of fluid and still have hearing loss; along with 2 hearing aids which audiology tell me I need to wear both all the time to benefit from and ENT tell me not to wear when I have fluid and infections as the ear won't dry out!


Hi, luckily I have not lost my hearing but when I first started with really bad tinnitus the nurse at doctors said it was labyrinthitus a couple of times on my visit over a three month period. Then I fell down the stairs at work, then I almost passed out as (good job there was a cabinet that I grabbed) ended up back at doctors who said I had vertigo. Referred to ENT that was going to be a six month wait. I completely lost it, then my toys out the Oran and was seen within a week to be then told I had Menieres. Given antihistamines which only helped with the sickness and made the other symptoms worse. I have been unable to cope with antihistamines. Decided to go to a private ENT consultant who then referred me to another ENT consultant (2 hours from where I live) and still after 18 months suffering.

I have done a lot of my own research and I believe a lot of my ear pain, tinnitus, sore head and vertigo is to do with a head and neck injury I had several years ago that is causing this especially the c5 of my neck. Now waiting to see an Oncologist but if you don't go private you will wait for months with the NHS. I do have a hearing aid that plays white sound but it doesn't always work. I have to sit in corners with my bad ear away from sounds. I don't drink anything with caffeine, cut out chocolate, exercise and eat healthy no fried or processed food.

Good luck in your fight to see the right person and get treatment as you will need to do some screaming to get seen.

By the way tinnitus is quiet common in school teachers I know a headmistress that three of her staff suffer with tinnitus, it can be related to stress. Take time to go for a 30 minute walk at lunchtime failing tgat go as soon as you can each day.

Good luck


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