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​Is it hearing loss?

So in the past couple of years, I have noticed that I really struggle to listen to someone in an environment with a lot of background noise. This can isolate me socially a little, as I can't engage in conversations with my friends at times. Also, in these environments, I constantly seem to need words repeated to me before I can process them, and sometimes it can take me a couple of seconds to process words, often mishearing. I seem to be fine in quiet environments, but my friends are convinced that I'm hard of hearing, however I'm not too sure about this, it seems to me to be more of a processing issue. I don't know what to do, I have found that I appear with some symptoms of ADHD (inattentive subtype) or could it potentially be APD? Thanks

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Maybe asking your gp for a hearing test is the 1st step. Colleagues at work told me the same as your friends. I went to gp a asking if I needed my ears syringing but a hearing test lead to ent referral. I have high frequency deafness. Nothing could be done to help me at the time but now I have hearing aids that are 'tuned' to pick up high frequency and they do help. Good luck, hope all goes well for you.


Hi I also struggle in noisy environments and really feel your pain with isolation. I've really avoided situations like this lately, then recently went to a lunchtime pub get together with friends. And even though I was in the middle of the table, had my back to the wall etc friends opposite turned to talk to each other and I was lost and likewise with those to he side.

What gets me is that not all conversations are directly intended for you to hear, but make up the patchwork of life. I miss not spontaneously joining in with a group or picking up a conversation part way through. That's part of the 'fun' of socialising in a big group!

Not sure about the ADHD thing as I've not experience of it really.

It's always worth having you're hearing tested to rule out/ confirm any problems that lie there. :)


First get ears checked by gp for wax. If none, it sounds like classic hearing loss and you can get gp to refer you to the hospital for tests. Many opticians now do the tests also. If you are in uk do not pay for aids as nhs supplies good ones. They are pretty small these days and if you persevere with them they will improve your quality of life 100%.



Hi there I could've written this post! Had the same struggles for years but didn't twig that it was hearing loss, just thought I couldn't focus and concentrate somehow, adult ADHD crossed my mind too. It wasn't until my hearing went drastically downhill that I realised what was going on. Get to your GP for a hearing test and to have them rule out other conditions-Bev x


Sounds very similar to my struggles, finally, after putting it off for a long time, got a hearing test and was fitted with two hearing aids.

Don't wait like i did, if it's hearing loss getting help for it makes life so much easier.



Being as you've come on the B LF HU site are you taking any medications for a lung condition, if so some of them affect hearing and can cause tinnitus? Talk to your Doctor or Consultant and get it checked out. I'm the same as others who've posted, I can't hear if there is a lot of background noise and feel isolated and left out. Take care, Lizzy


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