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Sudden hearing loss


I'm really struggling to accept that I will be severely deaf in one ear for the rest of my life. I first lost my hearing in my left ear about 10 years ago due to otosclerosis, but had a stapedectomy operation which restored much of my hearing. Then, just over a year ago, I woke up one day with 'sudden hearing loss'. After several visits to ENT, I was told my deafness was nerve damage this time & nothing could be done!! I'm finding it really hard to cope with it, a hearing aid is not really helping. I would like to know if this recent hearing loss is likely to be linked to the problem I had in the past?

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I have nerve damage in my right ear and it's totally deaf, confirmed with auditory evoked test. It took a couple of episodes to be completely deaf, for me it was tiny blood clots thought to be caused by my Artrial Fibrillation. My GP thought it could be Ménière's disease which can be another cause. This was due to bad virtigo attack and balance issues but ENT consultant not convinced it has anything to do with Meniere's.

On the positive I requested a bi- cross hearing aid provided by NHS. It works well. The aid in the deaf ear is a transmitter and pass's all sounds to good ear.


Hi I also have also been told that I have otosclerosis. I went deaf 3 years ago while pregnant, wouldn't say completely as I can hear when people speak loud 🙈 I have been given hearing aids to wear in both ears. I've never had a problem wit my ears in my life. I'm 34. What test was carried out to be told you had otosclerosis ? Didn't feel they carried out enough test for me, maybe they did. I saw a ENT doctor who asked questions, looked in my ears, and was put in a small room with headphones on and told to press a button when I heard a noise. Also have very bad tinnitus for 3 years which never goes away. Noticed I was having problems with ears over a period of a few months. Would wake up feeling like my ears was sticking together and waxy. Be interesting to know about yourself. Also would you recommend the op for this ? Many thanks

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Hi, sorry for your problem, but I find it hard to believe the hospital has said there is nothing they can do, is it to solve the problem, or to cure it, to cure a nerve damaged hearing loss, yes there is nothing they can do, but to solve the problem, there is always the options of a hearing aid or profound loss maybe helped by a Cochlea Implant, the cheapest option is a hearing aid which we know the NHS do not have full access to what is available, but they may have something, the other option is to buy a suitable one, a Cochlea Implant of course would cost upwards of £14.000+, so I would get all options available, and take it from there... Good Luck.


Yes this problem could be linked, but really it would probably not be negligence so there isn't much point worrying too much about the link.

You might have some hearing, and some is better than nothing. I used to consider myself one sided deaf with a hearing threshold of 80dBa - however having now lost hearing even that was OK.

It depends on where the damage is what is possible, for myself I had to loose the entire middle ear and inner ear (including the bony labyrinth) so a cochlear implant couldn't work. The next generation implants - direct brain stem implants - are starting to appear but cost a lot, would not be considered for unilateral deafness and apparently give sound but not like hearing.

The hearing loss is hard, but it isn't completely disabling.

To confirm the nerve damage you should have had the evoked potential test - if you haven't already had this ask them to do it.


oh god you have had a bad time, I'm new here as well so cant offer any advise as its all new to me, I have Otosclerosis in left ear, did you have full hating gain after yourstapectomy and how long from op to loss of hearing, is it same ear and could the op have been partly responsible ? I'm deciding weather to have op or aid but at 51 I have been reminded its a long time to wear and aid if I don't have op done 😞


Hi , sorry for not getting back sooner. My hearing did improve after stapedectomy, although not as good as my good ear. The operation was straight forward and healed quickly.It lasted about 9 years although I did notice some deterioration & ringing in ear. I just assumed I could have the stapedectomy redone but was told the hearing tests revealed it was a sensorineural- (nerves) rather than conductive ( bones). It just seems too much of a coincidence to me! Anyway I hope the operation goes well if you have it, it did give me 0 years of relatively good hearing.


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