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Photobiomodulation cannot work?

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I've spent all day on my laptop watching videos of Vielight and other NIR companies trashing each other while extolling their own NIR products. What I've come to understand is that testing proves that NIR therapy cannot work. Lasers lose a million percent of their energy while flowing through skin, skull and brain. The last video reminded me of two carnival barkers as they pitch their products. ends with the statement that it does work clinically. They see improvement in soldiers with PTSD and patients with Parkinson's.

One presenter talked about breaking the back legs of rabbits then shining a NIR laser on one leg. He said BOTH injured legs healed equally well. The same effect is commonly seen in TCM acupuncture. All the while they're talking I'm screaming at the laptop, "Placebo" and "TCM" and "Acupuncture!" TCM is traditional Chinese medicine. TCM says energy moves through channels in the body. The energy is Xi (pronounced Chee) Western medicine expounds on that to say when one leg is treated nerve pulses go from the injury to the brain and send messages back to BOTH injured legs.

So laser light stimulates meridians in one spot which makes Xi move in both areas of injury.

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Interesting concept. It makes sense.

The videos are interesting, indeed. From basic science to clinical application, lots to think about

"Lasers lose a million percent of their energy while flowing through skin, skull and brain. "

I'm not going to watch the videos, but I'd have thought the brain is where we'd want the energy to be lost/absorbed.

"One presenter talked about breaking the back legs of rabbits then shining a NIR laser on one leg. He said BOTH injured legs healed equally well."

I don't understand what point the presenter was making but one fairly logical interpretation of the above excerpt is that the laser didn't do anything at all. I feel that more likely that "nerve pulses" being distributed to the other leg.

I read somewhere or heard a podcast that mitochondria actually travel so if they are stimulated by the red light say on your head they will move around to other places too.

If photo bio modulation can’t work, then The Michael J Fox Foundation needs to save the money it has committed to researching the subject. I’ll hold my breath and wait for the results of the study.

It’s not a cure but can improve symptoms I’m using the Coronet and have noticed improvements with - brain fog - memory - speech - constipation and energy - I’m currently analysing my symptom improvement in detail with my neurologist

I’m sure the rabbit enjoyed having his legs broken 😞. Christ we’re such a cruel species. I wouldn’t be surprised if the present travails are a sign that God is going to do a dinosaurs on us and start again!

Million percent, interesting concept as percent is per 100, bit of an exaggeration


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kaypeeoh in reply to gregorio

An exaggeration to get your attention. I guess it worked. :-)

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gregorio in reply to kaypeeoh

👍, told you a million times not to exaggerate

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kaypeeoh in reply to gregorio

I thought you were exaggerating.

A Neurologist that looks after my mother, believes that it does not work.

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Ghmac in reply to Baron1

You have a neurologist that recommends a red light helmet?

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Interesting my HWP movement neuro said jury still out waiting for study to end. I think sometimes they don't want patients to spend $$ on treatments that "may" work.

My hwp has been using the Red Coronet for months now and has nothing but Good things to say about how he feels. It has been the most continuous effect of how good he feels and many times folks comment how good he looks. It has made a difference for him and his willingness to use the Red Coronet twice daily is positive as well. I also ordered the Therapad which uses the red light therapy and I have felt positive effects when I applied it to sore areas. In the end, this has been a positive highlight for hwp in this Parkinson journey.

Ancient Chinese proverb: “man who says it can’t be done should get out of way of he (or she) who is doing it 😀”

ive tried about 10 diff light therapy bs scam.

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Millbrook in reply to beehive23

Try the coronet duo. It could be THE one


Can you list the 10 devices you have tried? Thanks.


i have the pen...the small neck pad, the head pad, ive tried several of different head thingys...ive modulated the IR etc...the large back sie pad....hang tough

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beehive23 in reply to beehive23

oh and the lamps and the wand...JUNK JUNK JUNK

A few things come to mind. First, there's the placebo effect, which we all know is common with PWP, since the symptoms come and go so quickly. Also, there are many non-placebo things that could potentially affect the results. For example, I recently saw an article that claimed that red light therapy works much better in the morning between 8 and 9 am. I forget where they came up with that, but I've been using my Coronet during that time and it might be helping. But, again - placebo effect?

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Millbrook in reply to JAS9

Who cares as long as it works😜

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kaypeeoh in reply to Millbrook

I care because I'm a sceptic. I've watched all the videos which claim to prove PD is a mitochondrial dysfunction syndrome that can be cured with NIR therapy.

The problem is the science is WAY over my nine-years-of-college-education head. An electron is both a wave and a mass????? Depending on its frequency???? AAAAARRRGGGG!!!

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sharoncrayn in reply to kaypeeoh

All the "videos"?

Instead of Youtube, try using pubmed, embase, cochrane, pmc, uptodate, etc.


1) Red and NIR light dosimetry in the human deep brain

2) Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Parkinson's Disease-Near-Infrared Photobiomodulation as a Potential Therapeutic Strategy

3)The behavioural and neuroprotective outcomes when 670nm and 810nm near infrared light are applied together in MPTP-treated mice.

Unfortunately, currently we have no "cure" for PD.



What a complete and total asshole to break the legs of a rabbit to measure the healing ability of red light therapy. 1st of all, there are no claims that red light heals such injuries. Even if it healed them perfectly it would not transfer to healing Parkinson's in the human brain. Why not run such a test less dramatic injury - say in vitro or some such. Oh, why bother listing the flaws in the experiment. The guy is a deluded asshole.

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Hirnstimulationstechnologie z.B. von der Firma Vielight (Neuro Duo - Brain PBM) Photobiomodulationsgerät für das Gehirn - ich benutze diese seit dem 6. November 2021.

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