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"The cure for Parkinson's disease". New book in Spanish. Coming soon in English.

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A few days ago I finished and published on Amazon a book in Spanish about Parkinson's disease. Possibly closer to the one I would have liked to have at hand to help my father 20 or 30 years ago.

"The cure for Parkinson's. Do we already know what it takes to checkmate the disease? (December 2021).

I will shortly begin to translate it into English and publish it on Amazon with the caveat that my native language is not English, although I will try to keep errors to a minimum.

The metaphors and images have served to improve my understanding of the world of Parkinson's and make it easier to understand for newcomers to this labyrinth, to this puzzle, to the most important chess game of our lives, as patients or as family caregivers....

After 27 years attentive to the world of Parkinson's, first as my father's carer (1994-2012) and then as a seeker and disseminator of "transformative" information through the project "Parkinson's here and now" in Spanish and English (2012-2021), I have dared to write a book with a title as unexpected as it is surprising. Years ago, such a proposal would have seemed crazy or a delusion. In all these years the necessary change has taken place to dare to face this exciting and honest challenge: I sincerely believe that it is possible to defeat Parkinson's, opening the mind to the forgotten treasures of the Laboratory, of Nature and of the East. Search carefully through the 50-60 years of recent Parkinson's history in the "West" (the Levodopa era). As in Nature and in Oriental Medicines, there are old and recent treasures, from Karobath in 1971 to Monti in 2019...

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The word cure is a bit worrisome don’t you think?

I don't think so, MissRita. The challenge of the book was to research and collect cases of possible cure, improvement to a significant degree, cure of idiopathic Parkinson's and secondary Parkinsonisms (vitamin B12 deficiency, etc.).

Also what "dissident" neurologists such as Birkmayer, Perlmutter, Coimbra, Costantini, etc. have to say. And their patients.

Robert Rodgers' work is a unique treasure. But there are also cases of halting of progression, improvement of symptom severity, etc. And cases of improvement and healing in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicine.

And once collected, I discuss them honestly and try to find a common pattern.

Interesting. I’ll await the translated version. ;)

MissRita is one of the nice ones here, Jesus. So Jesus, what do I take? How much? How often? Where do I get it? Is it more difficult to buy than Viagra? Skip your grandiose delusions. You need $1,000 for your cure? $5,000? How much money does Jesus need to rid myself of this debilitating and embarrassing disease?

I don't sell any cures. I research, retrieve information and share it. Not only from books and studies, but from daily contact with my community of 3500 patients and carers.

Unfortunately I was not able to help my father as I would have liked to because of the real jungle of news, products, medicines, etc.

What I have learned by collecting and comparing the POSSIBLE cases of healing is that they have common patterns. From the United States to India to China.

In the East they still have two advantages: they do not accept the concept of incurable disease and the iatrogenesis is much lower than ours, which defines Parkinson's as we know it today. They have a more direct relationship with natural products that we have lost and replaced with a belief that Western medicine is superior in neurological diseases. No evidence confirms this. My experience tells me that most Parkinson's patients today live no better than they did 30 years ago.

I write first and foremost as a historian. And the historian looks for sources and compares.

How can you use the word. "Cure", when there is no cure for Pd? My book on reversing the symptome of Pd is already printed in five different languages and hopefully it will be in more languages as other people offer to translate it into their language. When that happens I share the prceeds of the sale of those books with the person who translated them.

In my book I study his work and go further.

There is no cure in the world of Parkinson's as we know it today, because that is the way it is. The sources I have found say otherwise. Of course, I am convinced that it could be "healed", controlled, cured, in the early years.

And quality of life could be greatly improved, slowed down, etc., in later stages. Even cure.

Parkinson's is not Parkinson's plus iatrogenesis.

The title with the word "healing" came about as a challenge (also as a provocation, as a wake-up call to the readers). If I had not found what I have found, I would have changed it. The contributions of Hinz (not so much his protocol) and Phillipson are essential.

I greatly appreciate your example and your work. And I recommend him in my blogs and books.

I have given away more books than I have sold so far. And I have published two free compilations: one in Spanish and one in English.

Once I have found enough information and broken down prejudices, I have written the book I would have wanted to have at hand when my father was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1994. And the one I promised him.

I dare to use the word cure because I believe it can be prevented, cured in the early stages, slowed down, delayed, improved in a very important way (the videos of neurologists Cimbra, Costantini, Perlmutter or Birkmayer) confirm this.

From prevention in society as a whole to the relief of patients with many years of Parkinson's disease and iatrogenesis.

I don't share your belief that there will ever be a cure because it is a cash cow for big pharma and the medical profession. I hope I am proved wrong in my assessment.Have you noticed that only for diseases that kill us has a cure ever been found?

We have been told for over 100 years that there will soon be a cure for it. I am still waiting. Why would anybody kill the hen that lays the golden egg? It only took months to find a vaccine for Covid! If they can do that they can cure Pd.

I agree with most of what you say, John. I cannot guess what will happen, but my duty is to find information to bring hope to sufferers at different stages of the disease (meditation, exercise, sunshine/vitamin D3, lion's mane, Zhichan powder, ginkgo biloba, turmeric, green tea (Teavigo), sublingual B12, etc.).

That's what I promised my father and that's what I do.

I respect your work and have included it in the chapter on possible cases of healing and self-healing (qualifying when it is symptom control and general improvement, etc.), as well as in the chapter on physical exercise (as one of the "weapons" marginalised until recently).

In 2018 the famous Dorsey and Bloem published a "Call to Action" because the world of Parkinson's seems dormant, inactive.

It is up to us: sufferers and family carers. No one else will help us to make a difference. Very difficult but not impossible.

All these things you mention are all well and good, BUT, has anybody reversed their symptoms and come off medication yet?

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STEWBABY in reply to JohnPepper


While we are all waiting for that elucsive CURE, I have amanaged to overcome most of my movement problems by using my CONSCIOUS BRAIN to take control of those movements. I don't often fall, but when I do, it has always been because I lose my concentration. Do you know how to do this? If you are interested I will tell you everything, just by message me and I will send it all to you at no cost. How's that for a deal?

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Tmarsella in reply to JohnPepper

Pepper, your positive attitude is always appreciated. That's good medicine in itself. Thanks !

I completely agree. John Pepper, Robert Rodgers, Antonio Costantini, Cicero Coimbra, David Perlmutter, etc., etc., are gifts that the Parkinson's community has received. I have always believed that.

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JohnPepper in reply to Tmarsella

If only patients were to commit themselves to trying to do the fast walking, then more and more of us will reverse our symptoms. You just have to make up your mind to give it a try. It costs nothing. Yesterday I showed a 90-year-old lady how to walk because she loathed having to use a walking stick or walker. It took her less thna a minute to overcome her fear and was amazed when she found dhe could walk normally, without any sign of faultering. I often cry when I watch this happen.

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Tmarsella in reply to JohnPepper

John Pepper, as a one time Senior Olympics gold medalist in sprints and hurdles up to 2015 it's John Pepper's positive comments that encouraged me to keep moving fast in fighting PD. I'm 81 now and still doing fine with my daily battle with meds and supplements and exercise, thanks to the likes of John Pepper.

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JohnPepper in reply to Tmarsella

Hi. I am so happy for you. If you look at my profile and contact me via my website I will send you, free of charge, a whole lot of videos and information that you will find most helpfull. Have you read my book, "Reverse Parkinson's Disease"?

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Tmarsella in reply to JohnPepper

John, I have not read your book. Would like to .

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JohnPepper in reply to Tmarsella

It is on sale at Amazon, unless you live in South Africa where you will have contact me personally. My contact details are in my profile.

John, I have replied in the affirmative in a private message. It would be my pleasure.

No time to dilly dally with the whole book translation. Can you just give us a few dot points so we can straight onto it before we lose any more brain power?

In the book I have put together the information that I think can be most useful to the community. And I have tried not to let my opinion determine that choice (it has certainly had an influence). I don't know if I have succeeded. In the process of creating the book I have changed initial positions, favourable or unfavourable, according to the information I have found. I am encouraged by this.

In my opinion, Marty Hinz's 2011 and 2016 studies provide a fairly close view of what Parkinson's is. And Phillipson's 2013 study showed how several nutrients together can achieve what one alone finds impossible: coenzyme Q10 can't, but together with alpha lipoic acid, acetylcarnitine, melatonin and vitamin E can, along with medication.

I think the most important thing we have so far (with the doctor's supervision and taking into account that each patient needs their own adjustments) is:

- Vitamin D in doses of 5000 to 10,000 IU daily as recommended by neurologists Coimbra, Perlmutter, Hiller, Fullar and Duda. A more prudent option is the 1200 IU daily that Suzuki and his team used to slow down Parkinson's for one year, measured by the UPDRS scale (Suzuki 2013);

- omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA from fish, supplemented to avoid excess protein (I like egg yolk best as a source of these proteins essential for synthesising neurotransmitters);

- sublingual vitamin B12 (B12 deficiency mimics Parkinsonian symptoms, causes balance problems and damages peripheral nerves, increases the neurotoxic homocysteine);

- lion's mane mushroom (Yamabushitake), capable of regenerating neurons and nerves, and able to act on multiple targets in Parkinson's;

- foods rich in magnesium, such as vegetables and nuts (pistachios: B6; Brazil nuts: selenium; California walnuts: melatonin, vegetable omega 3, etc.).

And use turmeric with black pepper, curry, cinnamon sticks in green tea, etc. in dishes where they are suitable.

And acupuncture and taichi or yoga, meditation, which have been measured with objective tests (blood tests and scans) as having a positive influence on the brain areas involved in Parkinson's disease.

Finally, gradually improving sleep (melatonin, passionflower) and intestinal transit (probiotics, water, vegetables).

These are, of course, only ideas to be developed with the help of a specialist (doctor, pharmacist, therapist, etc.), but compiled over 14 years of observation in forums and chats.

Some improve the current symptoms, others do not. But they prevent worsening or slow it down, giving time for the medicinal plants and mushrooms to do their work. You can't expect to heal in days what has taken years and decades to become ill. This is obvious, but when my father was alive it was not so clear to us. The Parkinsonian labyrinth is very confusing.

Thank you . Very helpful.

You are welcome.

There are many things left. A Mediterranean diet with some oriental additions (green tea, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, etc.), the most famous herbal formulas of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (combining traditional fame and modern studies).

Thanks for this.

When it comes to translation, you maybe could give a try to DeepL.com.

It's far better than Google and the likes. You could be amazed - I was.

Thanks a lot.

Great work and greatly appreciated. God bless.

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