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This Is Essentially What I Do As A Covid-19 Preventative And Based On The Study Link, Is An Effective Approach

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In the following 2021 study it is shown that just using AgNPs as a mouth rinse and nasal rinse by health workers is very effective at significantly reducing the incidence of Covid-19 :

Here is an important quote from this study:

>>> ' We present a prospective randomized study of 231 participants that was carried out for 9 weeks (during the declaration of a pandemic). The "experimental" group was instructed to do mouthwash and nose rinse with the AgNPs solution; the "control" group was instructed to do mouthwashes and nose rinse in a conventional way. The incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection was significantly lower in the "experimental" group (two participants of 114, 1.8%) compared to the "control" group (thirty-three participants of 117, 28.2%), with an 84.8% efficiency. We conclude that the mouth and nasal rinse with AgNPs helps in the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection in health personnel who are exposed to patients diagnosed with COVID-19. ' <<<

This adds further confirmation to the idea of the following study which clearly showed AgNPs to be a potent neutralizer of the SARS-Cov-2 virus:

Here is a relevant quote from this study :

>>> ' We evaluated a plethora of AgNPs of different sizes and concentration and observed that particles of diameter around 10 nm were effective in inhibiting extracellular SARS-CoV-2 at concentrations ranging between 1 and 10 ppm while cytotoxic effect was observed at concentrations of 20 ppm and above. Luciferase-based pseudovirus entry assay revealed that AgNPs potently inhibited viral entry step via disrupting viral integrity. ' <<<

A little more information on the use of AgNPs for Covid-19 :

I use 20 ppm AgNPs from my big bottle and I fill up a two ounce spray bottle that I carry in my pocket. I use this bottle to sanitize surfaces such as restaurant table tops, door handles, restroom faucets, chair handles in waiting rooms, my hands, face etc. Most importantly I use this spray inhaled into each nostril as I breathe in through that nostril and I also spray it directly into my mouth whenever I feel I am in an area where I may be exposed to Covid-19. The first study confirms that this may be a very effective option to help prevent getting Covid-19.

Given the extremely rapid rate of infection of the Omicron variant, this seems like timely information, especially if you happen to be planning a night out to celebrate the new year.

On a related note, yesterday set the highest number of new Covid-19 cases per day at over 475,000 new cases. Today, which is still counting with 8 hours remaining has cleanly broken that record with 542,000 new cases . This has eclipsed the high of last January 8th, set at 306,307. Yes, I will be refilling my spray bottle and using it freely and frequently.

Update : It looks like today completed at 572,029 new cases today.


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Where can I purchase AgNPs?

Omnicron hit entire family over holiday, vaccination status did not matter. It was not too bad. Had covid early on before vaccine available, this was not as bad. For my HWP it does set him back a bit, but not like first time we had. Have been taking C,D, and melatonin. It's almost unavoidable in S Florida so many visitors from North East. You would have to stay home w no visitors for 2 weeks. We are recovering and not doing too much to soon. Mostly stayed in upper respiratory track.

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chartist in reply to Sydney75

Glad to hear that you and the family faired well!


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Smittybear7 in reply to Sydney75

Glad to hear that you are recovering.

hi art, do you know (I've tried looking but didnt find), the long term effect of silver? can we use it indefinitely/frequently? where did you receive the best price? thx

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chartist in reply to gaga1958

I don't think you will find such long term human studies. Mostly just anecdotal reports across the web. Most studies are animal studies which give clues as to the toxicity of AgNPs, but I have seen that many of them are repeat studies of studies that used known toxic levels of silver and then surprisingly reported that they got toxic results.

As an example, people use AgNPs in a nebulizer at dosing of probably less than a mg of silver per use at 3 x per day, a treatment that would take 10 minutes or less. In animal studies, they will put animals in an environment where the animals are constantly breathing AgNPs for 6 to 8 hours a day everyday for months and then report that they found toxic effects in the animals. I saw one study where they used this method and then at the end of the treatment period they killed the animals and dissected them to see where they could find silver in the bodies, which was seen in the major organs and from this they determined that silver builds up in the body organs and must stay there and therefore it will be toxic. In a similar study they killed and dissected the animals 3 months after the breathing of silver was stopped and they found no silver or toxicity because the body naturally excretes silver through natural body processes.

I don't generally recommend silver to others, but I do use it myself and have for years. I have previously mentioned on this forum that AgNPs are part of my plan if I get covid and the way they used it in this study is very similar to the way I use it as a preventative, so I thought it was worth mentioning on this forum. If I actually had covid, I would be drinking it and inhaling AgNPs through a cold process vaporizer, But I am definitely not recommending that to others on this forum.

In line with this study and as an alternative option to AgNPs for people who are concerned about the safety of AgNPs, I previously posted about the use of Xlear Nasal Spray which has been in use for many years by millions of users and it also has anti-covid effects as I mentioned here:

Given the grapefruit Seed Extract content, it likely has preventative effects also.

I think it doesn't hurt to be aware of as many options as possible when it comes to covid-19.

There are many reports of vitamin D being useful against covid, but studies suggest that it is the active form of vitamin D that is most likely to be useful and if that is correct, taking vitamin D after you already have covid-19 or right before you get it, is not likely to be optimally helpful in that respect because it takes a moment for the body to convert supplemented vitamin D into its active form, 1,25-dihydroxy-vitamin D3.

I have also mentioned melatonin as an adjunctive treatment for covid and there are now a few human studies completed to confirm this use of melatonin. I have written about this here :


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KyStreams in reply to chartist

The link in the post did not take me to a study involving people’s use in a controlled study. How do I find the study you quoted?

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chartist in reply to KyStreams

The link to the study is the first link in the original post. Here it is again :


What's really incredible is this: the common and very very very inexpensive antidepressant fluvoxamine has been shown as a dynamite effective treatment that defeats so far all variants of COVID. And since, if you survive, the real risk of covid is the neurological and other very serious longterm ailments, including neurological, ailments that hurt you so far without time limit, it's a near perfect solution I would guess. Inform your treatment providers and prescribers immediately and ask them to look it up for themselves, so there is no basis for them resisting. Best thing you can do. !!!

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chartist in reply to MarionP

In the study, they are essentially trying to stop the virus at the ports of entry and apparently with very good success. Stopping it right there at those points of entry should prevent those neurological deficits from ever becoming major issues and potentially reduce the potential for covid longs. Perhaps treating the face masks themselves with the CS could produce even better results than mouth and nasal rinse alone.

It would have been interesting to know if those two patients who got infected, had milder symptoms and lower viral loads than the non experimental group.


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Despe in reply to MarionP


Do you have personal experience with Fluvoxamine?

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MarionP in reply to Despe

Professional experience and more, yes.

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Despe in reply to MarionP

Withdrawal symptoms?

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MarionP in reply to Despe

Very unlikely, you probably wouldn't take the medication for more than a couple of weeks, but I do not know the dose, frequency, or duration of the prescription for covid use. SSRIs are used for endemic severe depression, not meant for short term but rather in terms of years...and thus are used for many months at a time at high doses. Toleration doesn't show up for many months, and any withdrawal issues are handily dealt with by gradual withdrawal...but with endemic replacement withdrawal must be accompanied by some form of replacement antidepressant. After months of dependency. It takes months to achieve durable measureable positive effect in severe depression, which is just about the only known use for the med until recently. Dependency does not arise in the first few months of intensive dosing in the first place, abrupt withdrawal might be a matter but is generally done gradually which avoids symptoms.

But that is all for chronic serious depression when you have been taking the medication at a high dose and frequency for many consecutive months...nothing to do with COVID infection. So I doubt that's what we're talking about when we're talking about treating covid...low dose, a couple of weeks at the treat an acute short term infection. Almost like, perhaps exactly like, an antibiotic for an infection. Apples and oranges is my guess.

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Despe in reply to MarionP

Thanks, Marion. Very, very informative reply. No, I am not talking about COVID, but PD depression. . .

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MarionP in reply to MarionP

Then for depression, as prescribed. Most people take it for years since depression requiring anti-depressants is rarely temporary, and most people with longterm depression are advised that they may need to be on some form of medication for life. SSRIs take at least 5-6 weeks to build up in your system at all, and thereafter must be titrated for several months to adjust for a positive effect and determine whether adjunctive medications are needed, etc.

Treatment for depression is not a short term proposition because such depression is not a short term proposition. If some time later is determined that some different antidepressant or combination of antidepressants is needed, if there are withdrawal side effects, the withdrawal is simply titrated by gradual step-downs of dose and elongation of the time frame and it's not a bid deal. People worried about withdrawal problems are very ill-informed and informed by bad sources and amateur faux-practitioners who do not understand their own limitations, which is unethical in those properly trained and authorized to prescribe them.

If you don't want an SSRI, then excellent choice might be SNRI, duloxetine. It is actually superior in most cases to the SSRIs and tricyclics.

Cognitive psychotherapy works quite well, though not always, as an adjunct to medication, unless the patient is pressured to go or coerced, in which case cognitive and behavioral therapies typically fail, because psychologically human beings are built to defeat coercion.

I have no personal good idea what depression meds go best or well with PD and PD meds. I retired before we had a great deal of built up practice experience with a lot of people with advanced PD, save for simple parkinsonism. So that must be left up to the licensed specialist experts, I mean psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and psychiatric physician assistants. I would cross consult with a neurologist but would defer to the psychiatrist. Nobody else. I would never take advice of an amateur (that includes caretakers), by which I mean anyone not in the above groups I mentioned, in depression amateurs can kill you very quickly and the risks of insensitive torture experience by the patient is quite high in the hands of amateurs, can be exceedingly inhumane ("meaning well" is an excellent way to inflict torture).

ArtJust to be clear, this is a supplementary defence for you. You're fully vaccinated as well. Our icu's are full of unvaccinated people, many of whom have some brilliant alternative treatment.

The good news with omicron is that if you are young and healthy, although you may be really rough for a few days, you'll probably survive.

But the hugely infectious nature of this variant, and the relatively ineffectual public health precautions means chances are you're going to get it.

And all the evidence is, young or old, healthy or with health conditions, it's much less unpleasant if vaccinated.

Yes, to be clear, because people still die or get sick from it, I don't want to be one of those rare guys that become a statistic. The Delta variant is definitely on the decline here, but still here never the less. I use this method for cold and flu avoidance also, as I don't relish being sick, period. If I walk into an area where someone is coughing or sneezing, I reach in my pocket and pullout my spray and use it and apply a little to the outside of my mask if I am wearing one depending on local requirements. Perhaps a bit much for some, but I can live with it and it doesn't take much effort on my part. Even if this Omicron variant is significantly milder, it spreads like a wildfire and I don't want it, if I can possibly avoid it.


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MarionP in reply to chartist

Well, "living" with it is definitely the idea. Spray on, MacDuff! (sorry about that)

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Despe in reply to WinnieThePoo

" Our icu's are full of unvaccinated people, many of whom have some brilliant alternative treatment."

On the contrary, ICUs are full of fully vaccinated with boosters people. Where do you get your information?

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WinnieThePoo in reply to Despe

How many more would you like?

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kevowpd in reply to WinnieThePoo

Google? Oh well Google's in on it you see (or some other bizarre thing that literally no sane individual would even contemplate believing)

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WinnieThePoo in reply to kevowpd

I chose Boris as a populist right wing advocate. To give credit where due even Donald Trump recognises the importance of vaccination for our public health system, and has the balls to say so

"He noted that the vaccine has 'saved millions of lives. We're very proud of the vaccines'"

(again, the Daily Mail, another right wing, populist, individual freedom paper)

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Despe in reply to WinnieThePoo

Boris is talking about unboosted, not UNVACCINATED! They didn't have their third booster so they got sick! For God's sake. . .

In the US, FEMA has created camps for unvaccinated citizens. Each camp can host 20,000 people. How soon FEMA is going to arrest and house unvaccinated people is still up in the air. Does this method remind you of anything? Winnie, use your imagination.

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kevowpd in reply to Despe

"In the US, FEMA has created camps for unvaccinated citizens. Each camp can host 20,000 people. How soon FEMA is going to arrest and house unvaccinated people is still up in the air."

What's alarming is that someone that would believe and further spread this blatant falsehood sees themselves as a "caregiver" for another human being. Very worrying.

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Despe in reply to kevowpd

You'd better worry about yourself and the course of your PD or are you a PwP??

What do you know about the US? You live in the UK from what I read on your profile.

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kevowpd in reply to Despe

Some of us have the ability to hold concern for those beyond ourselves and our immediate surroundings. I accept that this is unfamiliar to you.

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Despe in reply to kevowpd

Apathy could be your symptom, not mine. You are arrogant, argumentative and out of touch!

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WinnieThePoo in reply to Despe

Vaccinated obviously means fully and properly vaccinated. It's pointless otherwise. Fully vaccinated currently means with a booster. There is talk of (Israel is trialling) a 4th dose, and even longer term possibly 3 shots annually.

America is different, and my daughter often reminds me that a very substantial part of the country is insular and not international (She spent 4 months running the ponies at summer camps for 3 years).

Tbh - the issue is not so much that swathes of the electorate believe daft conspiracy theories (I note you haven't yet offered any credible evidence for this FEMA camp story), but

A bloke they elected president, when he lost the election tried to overthrow democracy and incited his followers to violence on Capitol Hill (now known internationally as Reichstag 2). And its not just that he behaved like the chap with the Charlie Chaplin moustache. The scary bit is that so much of the population actively supported that behaviour, as they did for the Charlie Chaplin look-a-like.

Since we were looking for historical parallels


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Despe in reply to WinnieThePoo

Do you believe the link you provided is credible? It's been used a lot on this forum as credible evidence (not in my opinion). You would have dismissed any evidence that I would provide, so I didn't bother. . .

Is there going to be an end to this vaccination and boosters, Winnie?

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WinnieThePoo in reply to Despe

We also have a problem with fake vaccination certificates

This lady died in hospital, having been treated as vaccinated, when in fact her vaccination status was fake. The hospital feel she might have lived if they had correctly understood she was in fact not vaccinated. Her husband has called the doctor who gave her a fake certificate a "murderer".

now whatever is said or done the virus will go its own way. So after a thousand turns of the scientific, political and economic narrative, you must know that "I don't buy anything". And many greetings to Pharma , XI and all the other governments in the world that do not govern in the interest of the citizens. LOL.

A global government's been formed, Gio! Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Resistance my friend!!!

PS. Three friends, younger than me, fully vaccinated, got infected with OMICRON.

What happened to the letters of the Greek alphabet from DELTA to OMICRON? More variants to come. :) :)

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WinnieThePoo in reply to Despe

Ps. Everyone knows omicrons rapid spread is due to it's ability to evade vaccines. And that it is relatively mild for those who are fully vaccinatedI bet your friends didn't need to go to hospital and so weren't a selfish cause of strain to the health service and those who work in it.

In the UK, France, Spain and Italy icu beds with covid patients are 90% unvaccinated

But, hey. Who cares about helping others?

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Zella23 in reply to WinnieThePoo

My husband and I both have Covid 19 at the moment, don’t know which type. We have had all vaccines and boosters and are really pleased we have as I think we would definitely suffered more severe symptoms if we hadn’t.

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GioCas in reply to WinnieThePoo

No !, in Italy the unvaccinated in TI are 110% because we also count those from the Vatican. LOL.

Happy New Year from Italy WTP!

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Despe in reply to WinnieThePoo

I am glad you do! :)

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LAJ12345 in reply to Despe

I think they used the others up to nu on variants that never went anywhere, then nu just sounded too much like new and Xi is the Chinese word or a Chinese name so they skipped them.

Hi Despe, in a while they will pass the ancient Hebrew alphabet then to the Babylonian Assyrians. LOL.

On this small remote planet on the edge of the Milky Way and left to itself, a planetary government is a very limited point of view.

The idea of ​​empire and total possession is something outdated since the time of Alexander the Great and, if you look closely, even from an asylum. 😁

Happy New Year to you and your husband.⭐️


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Bolt_Upright in reply to GioCas

If we ARE going to have a one world government, I vote for the Romans to rule again!

GioCas profile image
GioCas in reply to Bolt_Upright

LOL do you have the physique ?. It was an empire based on certain freedoms and where justice and law were respected. A thing far ahead for the barbarian peoples of the era to which they brought civilization. This is the only positive side of the empire, but I don't see what we can learn from the Chinese Communist Party. Happy New Year Bolt!⭐️

Bolt_Upright profile image
Bolt_Upright in reply to GioCas

I'm sure there were many more positives! I am sure the ladies appreciated how the men showed off their strong legs in those outfits. And aqueducts!

And the best thing about Roman rule might be a worldwide Calcio Storico league!

Calcio Storico is football like you’ve never seen before! Dating back to the 15th century, this early form of the game is brutal. But behind the blood and punches lie a story of tradition, pride and honour.

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Despe in reply to GioCas

Love your humor, Gio. It also extends life no matter what happens in this world!

PS. The Greeks conquered the Romans academically. :)

I think there could be some concerns: "Synopsis: New study from the University of Southern Denmark shows nano-silver can penetrate our cells and cause damage. These products include dietary supplements, laundry detergents, body soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, disinfectant sprays, kitchen utensils, clothing and children's toys. Silver as a metal does not pose any danger, but when you break it down to nano-sizes, the particles become small enough to penetrate a cell wall."

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chartist in reply to Boscoejean

That study was done in 2014 and I think if it were absolutely correct, we would be seeing people being treated for silver nanoparticle related health issues by now judging by the number of people who are ingesting colloidal silver. A little perspective can be useful here.

To give just a glimpse of the number of people who use silver, go to this link and look at the number of reviews for each product. One of the more popular products shows 17,469 reviews and many of the other product brands have review counts in the thousands. Most health food stores including Whole Foods and on line supplement suppliers sell colloidal silver also. So this helps give an idea of how many people are using colloidal silver.

I'm not saying silver can't be toxic, but it is the amount taken that matters, as with any medicine or supplement. Colloidal silver is not like heavy metals that can accumulate in your body and do damage over time, it is excreted from the body. Something as benign as water can be toxic when taken in a large enough quantity. I have never heard of anyone dying from taking colloidal silver, as the reason is pretty simple. You would have to work very very hard to actually kill yourself with colloidal silver. The LD50 of colloidal silver is greater than 5,000 mg of silver per kilogram of body weight. In this case, there were no deaths at 5,000 mg/kg!I weigh about 80 kilograms, so that dose for me would be 80 x 5,000 = 400,000 mg, which would not be considered to be deadly. To further elucidate, AgNPs are most commonly sold in a water suspension of 10 or 20 parts per million. A quart of 20 ppm colloidal silver should contain 20 mg of silver. So I would have to drink 20,000 quarts of colloidal silver in order to equal 400,000 mg of silver and this dose is not considered fatal. I would die from the water content in those 20,000 quarts first!

In the study they are using the silver as a mouth and nasal rinse, not consuming it. This is a 9 week treatment that reported no adverse effects. The majority of medications given by doctors to treat Covid-19 have more side effects than AgNPs when taken at their correct dosages and LD50s that are magnitudes lower than colloidal silver.

Another consideration is that the participants of this study were medical personnel that included doctors. I don't think these doctors would have participated in the study if they felt it was going to be a safety problem for them.


Hi there. I accept that you are not recommending this I would still like to know where I can buy this. Is this colloidal silver.

I already rinse me nose, mouth and throat with salt water whenever I have been out in public so this would be another level of prevention.

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Despe in reply to M-o-ggy

Your method is very effective against viruses! A nebulizer is also very effective against COVID (THE new form of flu!).

M-o-ggy profile image
M-o-ggy in reply to Despe

Hi there As I know by experience that it is effective against sore throats and colds I have just continued using it I am not saying that it works against the lovely Covid but it might help.

Your use of exclamation marks is interesting.

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Despe in reply to M-o-ggy

Those are exactly COVID symptoms, just like the flu's. So what works for the flu and soar throats works for COVID, too. Look for Dr. Zelenko's protocol.

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chartist in reply to M-o-ggy

I know of several, but this one is the yellow color that most likely is close to the particle size used in the study (10 nm) based on Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR). Their pricing seems competitive :


Thank you. I will investigate.

Thank you, Art, for posting this! Here my family is, all sick again. I sure hope my PWP doesn't get as bad as he did in September. Where did you get your 2 ounce spray bottle? Would it be fine to use in a nebulizer?? This could help us all now with recovery. I'm the worst but they are just starting to get sick.

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chartist in reply to Redginger

I can't recommend nebulizing colloidal silver to others as I don't think there are human studies to support such a use, but I do inhale silver from the output port of a very small cold process vaporizer. I use a small unit to conserve on the amount of colloidal silver I have to use. Larger units require significantly more liquid in order to operate. I use the cold process vaporizer because it delivers a given amount of CS faster than a nebulizer. I do that 3 times per day and put new CS in the nebulizer each time because the cold process vaporizer can knock some of the silver out of suspension. Heat based vaporizers don't work because they leave all of the silver in the vaporizer and only send steam out with very little or no silver.

In the study they used the rinses for 9 weeks and no adverse effects were reported.

Amazon has 2 ounce spray bottles :

I get mine locally as I am not a fan of Amazon.


Art, Thanks for this info. I am in people's homes all day long and I am trying to avoid Omicron (I just got over Delta). I am you dilute the silver in distilled water for the spray pump? What exactly do you do? Amounts, etc. I am going to make my own spray and use it daily. Thanks!

I make my own silver that is 20 ppm and is yellow in color that looks like the center image in this link, crystal clear and similar to baby shampoo in color :

The color change from clear to yellow is caused by surface plasmon resonance and also indicates a change from AG+ to AgNPs.

This video shows the color a little better :

I do not dilute this and put it directly into my 2 ounce spray bottle. I spray it into each nostril while inhaling through that nostril at the same time. Then I spray it liberally into my mouth, swish it around and swallow any excess to coat my throat. I use this as a preventative for covid-19, flu and colds. In one of the study links, they said that 20 ppm was cytotoxic to SARS CoV-2 virus while 10 ppm had potent inhibitory effects. So my preference is 20 ppm as opposed to 10 ppm.

I make other ppm up to 320 ppm which looks like black coffee.

I am not recommending anyone else do this. I had mentioned that I use AgNPs before and that is why I posted the study in the original thread so that the forum members understand what and why I use AgNPs as a preventative and for other uses.


Where can you purchase this? Are you vaccinated? Do you take any supplements. Life Extension for Parkinson's has a list of supplements. I gargle with peroxide and swabs both nostrils with it on a daily basis. Thanks for your help.

I have previously mentioned that I have used colloidal silver (CS) for years via a cold process vaporizer as opposed to a nebulizer to treat any type of chest infection that I get and that would include Covid-19 if I ever get it.

This brand new article (February 2022) discusses this very topic :

Here are some relevant quotes from the article :

>>> ' Our analysis indicates a wide range of potentially safe and effective dosages that can be clinically explored, targeting the upper respiratory and bronchial tree system. Similar dosages can also provide antibacterial effectiveness for prophylactic treatment in hospital intensive care units to lower the risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP). ' <<<

>>> ' We suggest that inhalation delivery of the proposed antiviral formulations could be applied as a first-line intervention while respiratory infections are primarily localized to the upper respiratory system and bronchial tree. ' <<<

>>> ' Whether it is the seasonal flu, a sore throat, or early-stage Covid-19 symptoms, presently in the 21st century, there is still no home treatment medication that is easily accessible and available in pharmacies worldwide. The impact of this sorry state of medicine amounted to a global disaster under Covid-19. Moreover, even in the absence of novel epidemics, each year the morbidity and economic cost of respiratory infections are huge. '<<<

The reason I use a cold process vaporizer is because it can deliver a given amount of CS significantly quicker than a nebulizer. So it takes less time per treatment and delivers the CS directly where it is needed in the lungs to immediately neutralize the virus before it can do significant damage. Colloidal silver nanoparticles are already proven to be a potent destroyer of the SAR CoV-2 virus and I am glad to finally see an article that uses this approach as a potential frontline, safe and effective approach before the virus has a chance to do significant damage. Such an article is way overdue. Think of how many lives could have been saved had this approach to Covid been tested from the very start. The cost effectiveness is incredible when compared to the approaches that have been used instead. It always seems to come down to money. No big money to be made, no interest.


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