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I leave here a translation from my last facebook post. Consider it as my 11 months FUS Surgery update.

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Sorry for some bat translations, i'm not an english native speaker.

Évora 21-27 Évora Half Marathon – 10 Km race

The day started not too early, 7:45, I tried to sleep until I could, not out of laziness, but to try to have as much rest as possible and also to be able to delay taking the medication as much as possible, so that it interfered as little as possible with the race. Quick exchange of messages with my race friends, with the usual greetings, and go prepare breakfast with Miguel, who was already awake before me. Scrambled eggs with lots of butter, coffee with a generous dose of coconut oil, to guarantee enough energy for what was coming, a banana for potassium and a pear just because. After breakfast I'm going to wake up João, I tell him he has to hurry, that I don't want to be late, he mumbles and remains in bed. Quick exchange of messages with Elsa, to find out how we're going to do that morning, João's complaints, I warn him that if he doesn't hurry, he'll stay at home, time runs, he says he stays, it's a quarter past nine, the group photo of the ENR it's 15 minutes from now. I'll go, I'll just eat something, He's already getting my nerves on edge, 9:28 when I manage to leave the house, speed up my pace to try to get to the group photo in time, after all it's just up a street to Praça do Giraldo , however I already took half sinemet to try to control the symptoms at the beginning of the race, and this stress is already starting to show signs. When we arrive at the square, I can still watch the frame of runners in the church taking the photo, I still have time, I think, but João finishes the matter quickly. Dad, I need to go to the bathroom. Damm! I go down with him to Elsa's lounge, I drop my things while he goes to the bathroom, I put my racing number on my belt, meanwhile Elsa calls, she's already waiting in the square for me. We go up again, there are no more pictures, and no time, the race is about to start, I feel the adrenaline rising, I still find Graça and João Fernandes, I see Elsa on the other side of the square, I try to arrive with the kids to it, but we have to take a big turn, in this they open the track for the athletes to enter. Julia talk’s with me, I greet a few people, in the middle of all this Miguel disappears... This is really good, for me who have to avoid stress. I'll take João to Elsa, and have to go seek for Miguel, but when we get there he's already there. Give Elsa a kiss and get back on the track, meanwhile they start the half marathon. My departure will be in 5 minutes, apparently not, it's in 3. Give me time to get on the track, at this point my right arm is shaking uncontrollably. Calm down, this always happens some time after taking medication, when I start running it soon goes away, the adrenaline shoots up, I see Gonçalo with his friend Maria, I decide to go out with them, they open the race, it started. I remember the moments of this same race two years ago, passing in these same streets, but with a much greater difficulty, it was my last official race, at that time I couldn't imagine how my life would change and allow me to do this. what I did today. Kilometer 1, so far it went well, I left Gonçalo and Maria behind, I'm not too tired, and now it's going downhill. I see Carla and Geni, who accompanied me in one of the races that cost me the most, and Maria José Verdasca. I follow them for a few moments, they go a little below my pace and accelerate a little. Ahead, Km 1.5, a pain in the back, I don't understand if it's kidney or spine, it makes me fear the worst, it follows me a few meters, it ends up decreasing. Near Km 2, I meet Eugénia with Andrea, whom I've met at the Galo run, I end up passing by, I realize I have the keys falling out of my pocket, I stop to try to save it, but the pocket insists on not closing, i have to carry them in the hand. In the meantime I regain some ground, I look for my rhythm, I try not to push too much, I've been well aware of this path for two years now, I have to save myself for the end. I stick with Maria José Verdasca, we keep the same rhythm, we pull each other, the body is responding quite well. Great Marco, I hear, there's Maria João pulling us, we passed the ENR spot, more applause, 4 kms, motivation is high and the body responds well. I try not to get too excited, the next km is flat, then it goes down a bit but then a big climb back to the Roman aqueduct and the ENR spot. On the way to km 5, we start to come across familiar faces who are already on their way back or who are on the trek. Patty, Bea, and so many other guys, meanwhile, Maria José and I continued side by side to conquer ground and overtake. We caught Alfredo Fernandes, making his debut in the half marathon race, he stays behind when he goes to greet his wife, who despite her wheelchair did not miss the debut. 7 km have already passed. Already? Today is going really well, we start counting down, the climb up to ENR begins, but now we have two hares, João Tomáz and his Tanes Patrice. Hard climb to the aqueduct, more words of encouragement, we still have hares ahead, eye for the clock, just under 2 km to finish, I say that maybe I have to slow down. Maria José says she will accompany me, however we managed not to slow down, we caught the hares next to the arena, but the effort is a bit to much and the final climb is missing, João and Tânia start on the climb, I have to stop halfway and walk , catch up my breath, but 10 seconds is enough. The arm starts to shake uncontrollably as soon as I stop, I have to take medication as soon as I can. We resumed the effort, we made the climb at a cost, but the goal is in sight, at the entrance to the square my children jump onto the track, I still say they can't be there, we can, and they follow with us to the goal, which we crossed, a heartfelt hug to Maria José, thank you for the support, I think it was a mutual encouragement. Receiving the medal, 10 km's in less than an hour, more than a test, was a certainty, the certainty that I have made the right choices, which allow me, with 14 years of Parkinson's disease, to still do a 10 km's race, that the option for MRgFUS surgery has proved to be a good option, although I already feel the need to treat the other side (it's a surgery done half the brain at a time) and that the bet on this experimental treatment was a winning bet. There was also time for some pictures with my kids and Elsa for posterity and to watch my friends arrive at the half marathon race. I still have a word to say to the organization, for the excellent work demonstrated, and I hope in a year to be able to be here again, and take another photo with the spider man. It was so good...

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Excellent English!

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Markbit in reply to park_bear

Google gave some help! 😆


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Markbit in reply to Bolt_Upright

Thank you Bolt!



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Markbit in reply to Seamus6


The spider man 😆

The masked spider man with me and a friend

Wonderful. Congratulations!

So pleased for you amazing 🤩!

Inspiring! Thank you.

Domo arigato.


Te felicito hermano bendiciones hoy me ha servido de inspiración tu fuerza de voluntad

Obrigado! Que bom!

That is a great story! And you did that, not Google translate ;)

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Markbit in reply to NellieH

Thank you Nellie! I got your point 😉

Fantastic!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Muito bom! Parabens!

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Markbit in reply to cfigueiredo


What an inspiration! May you keep racing well into the future!

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Markbit in reply to Biensur

Thank you Biensur!

Well done young man, keep it up!!

Congrats! Way to go!

Congratulations! Onward!

Fourteen years from diagnosis and you are running like this? Absolutely brilliant, be proud young man!

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Markbit in reply to Wonky-Bride

Thank you!

where did u get your FUS done?

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Markbit in reply to healthabc

With the SoniModul team in Switzerland


Congrats. You are such an inspiration! Keep up that fighting spirit.

When is your next race? :)

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Markbit in reply to Despe

Hi Despe, thank you! Tomorrow morning I'll go for a 5 km training 😊

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Despe in reply to Markbit

Good! That is the spirit, Mark. What is your country? :)

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Markbit in reply to Despe

Portugal, Europe.

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Despe in reply to Markbit

My birthplace is Greece. We are neighbors. :) :)

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Markbit in reply to Despe

Hi neighbor. 😀

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