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what improvements

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I have been asked *what improvements*. Currently **No Levodopa** and my gauge is how often *does my right hand shake* (pretty much only when I am trying to have a bowel movement)… I believe the BCM-95 has helped noticeably with my neck pain and KSM-66 has helped with clarity of my mind… I have high hopes that BCM-95 will be a maintenance dose of the 4 drops of turmeric essential oil.

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Thanks for sharing Gcf51. Were you on Levodopa and now off Levodopa? How bad was your tremor before? I'm just trying to add more info on your improvements. I take the BCM-95 twice a day. I was taking two grams of Ashwagandha Root Powder a day but read it may activate my immune system against my thyroid (I have Hashimoto's) so stopped it.

What is BCM-95

High grade turmeric with 95% curcumin amazon.com/Curcumin-Turmeri...

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Gcf51 in reply to glenandgerry

The biggest factor is: Its one of the few that have Turmeric essential oil in it

Thanks how much turmeric?

If you're asking how much turmeric is in BCM-95, then best to clarify with @Gcf51 as he's already taking it whereas I have yet to buy it

Interesting, so have you replaced the turmeric essential oil with the BCM-95 or are you taking both?

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Both, The BCM-95 has (I believe) has helped with my neck pain.

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My husband rubs turmeric essential oil directly onto his stiff/sore legs. I am going to buy BCM-95 when I've finished my present supply of organic turmeric & black pepper (have about 4 months supply)

My PD symptoms were never real bad. Nothing will be proved until I have a new D-scan?

It is not recommended to stop Levodopa suddenly.

Turmeric Oil 1 drop 23 mg turmerone(s) approximate

BCM-95 I take 26mg turmerone(s) approximate

Time, sometimes I loose track of what day it is and my records are not organized enough to say, best guess (Oil 40 days, BCM-95 70 days)

Is my current state caused by placebo effect?

***You may ask why just 4 drops of Turmeric essential oil, well… One day while taking 6 drops, I got 7, 30-minutes later I had chest pains, my phone was in hand and I was a moment away from dialing 911 when the pain dissipated. !!!!

** I just added a very long copy/paste to my story on my profile !!!

Read the details in your profile. I sincerely hope that you achieve your goal of taming PD and become normal. Will need to read it again and see if I can use some of the info for my mother.

- My PD symptoms have never been real bad. I was diagnosed about 4 yrs ago with Parkinsonism due to rolling my thumb against the side of my pointing finger on my right hand. I am by no means back to that point. I am to a point that hand shaking is not bothersome, more than 90% of the time.

- I was diagnosed positive for PD via a D-scan about 30 months ago. I figure it will take another D-scan to prove if I have any improvement.

- I could never thread a needle very easily.

- I have a major replacement (revision) in progress to replace my story on my profile. What was there was less than 2 pages. Current version on my computer is almost 4.

- I am currently not taking any Levodopa. My last dose of Levodopa was a 1/2 pill Tuesday 11/16/21 at 4:53 am ET (High of 12 a day). My prescription is Carbidopa 25/Levodopa 100.

- Have I found a cure? I hope so! I pray so! THANK YOU LORD!!!!!

@Juliegrace this may answer your question..

I don't think the issue is how much turmeric. In the past I've taken so much turmeric, I was afraid I was going to turn yellow. The BCM-95 has a blend of Turmeric essential oil which supposedly increases the effectiveness.

Trying to keep an open mind, not meaning to put a damper on my or anyone else's hopes, but I have been here before. I was on a 2 week treatment of 2 antibiotics and after went more than a week without taking any Levodopa. That’s when I harped onto Bacteria eating meds. It is entirely possible, that the essential oil has also killed off some of that bacteria too.

I am planning to take 1/2 pill 3 times today(11/20/21), I am going dancing tonight. This begs the question is the Turmerone(s) helping or just keeping the bacteria thriving on my Levodopa at bay.

How much levodopa (pills per day) were you taking before you (I assume) titrated down to that last 1/2 pill on 11/16? How long is the longest period you have been off all levodopa since you began taking it?

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Gcf51 in reply to Juliegrace

I have been taking l-dopa for about 3 years. The longest period off was 10 days which was (at the tell end and after) being treated for a blood a infection with 2 antibiotics for 2 weeks.

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Juliegrace in reply to Gcf51

How did you feel before you went back to taking l-dopa and did you manage to take a smaller dose?

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Gcf51 in reply to Juliegrace

I hope editing a post adding @ you got the info. I am not sure exactly how this forum thing works.

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Gcf51 in reply to Juliegrace

Let me know is editing and tagging you got you the info

Should I create a new topic or add to this one... It appears that on this forum might be best to add:Life was simpler with no rules. (Prescribed Carbidopa 25/Levodopa 100)

a). At first, I was told 1 pill (3) times day and no protein with medication because protein interferers with absorption. I don’t recall my doctor telling me not to eat anything before or after for any time periods, (There are those that think that means a low protein diet – Wrong)

b). My doctor upped to 1-1/2 (4.5 a day), I took upon myself to set up a timer and take 1 every 4:00 hr.

c). I told my doctor that, and also that I do not have to take as much pain killers for my bad neck. She upped to 2 every 4 hr (6 a day) (I just changed the timer); This logic (take more for less neck pain) got me up to 12 a day. I changed to taking 4 times a day and managed to cut my daily dose to 8 with minimum pain meds.

d). Do you know that there are bacteria directorsblog.nih.gov/2019/... that might be in your gut that feed on L-dopa creating a vicious cycle requiring you to take more L-dopa (while eating they release toxins (dopamine) that may put your gut to sleep.) They add C-dopa to stop L-dopa from being converted to dopamine in the body. The study found a compound (AFMT) that will inhibit the bacteria’s conversion, but you cannot find AFMT anywhere. The study suggests that AFMT should be added to the medication. Do drug manufacturers not add AFMT to keep demand up?

Yes, in high quantities of dopamine is toxic. And, yes constipation is listed as a symptom of Parkinson’s, but this conversion compounds the problem.

e). I lost 20 lb changing by adding no eating 30-minutes before and 1 hour after. I managed to regain 15 by changing to 3 times a day (more time to eat).

f). I found an article pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/340... stating Turmerone(s) reverses PD. I am taking. i). Can I reduce my dose because the Turmerone(s) kills the bacteria in upper section of my small intestines? ii). Would a smaller cap of BCM-95 (one recommended for 3 times a day) taken a few minutes before taking my pill(s) be as effective as adding AFMT? iii). Is the real reason behind (no eating 30-minutes before and 1 hour after) is to have a section of small intestines empty with little to no bacteria?

AFMT maybe available in some form of a med of Car/Lev/AFMT that I don't know of?


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John_morris71 in reply to Gcf51

You wrote - ' I found an article stating Turmerone(s) reverses PD'

Could you please provide a link to the article?

Also, the information in your post is all over the place - so to speak (not trying to be critical). Would be better to organize it by editing the post. Click under 'More' and choose edit in the drop down menu, do the editing and save the edits.

You have some very interesting info the share and I am sure it is going to help at least some, if not all.


I agree almost random... I tried to put in order I progressed,,,


FYI - I emailed my supplier of BCM-95:

Is the reason only 1 a day is recommended, because of the essential oil?

I am currently taking 5 drops of doTerra Turmeric essential oil that I mix with a protein shake, each drop ~23 mg of turmerone(s).

Would 3 a day be too much of any other turmeric ingredients? I would cut back on doTerra...

If they could supply a complete list of ingredients, I will investigate myself.

They have replied before, I am thinking (if I have to continue with l-dopa), I will start taking 30 before to kill off any bacteria in my near empty small intestines. And, maybe at some point 3 a day of BCM-95 might good maintenance dose for my neck pain.

- All !!! With much disappointment, I must say. I have insufficient data to quantify what improvements.

- While taking Levodopa, my biggest concerns were balance, coordination, heavy arms and rigidity.

- Now, I am no longer taking Levodopa, all those have improved drastically, but tremor and drooling has raised its ugly head.

- I love to dance; tremor and drooling don’t interfere (much) with dancing, so I think I am better off… My Parkinson’s symptoms never were that severe. I was first diagnosed due to geniality rolling my thumb against my fingers on my right hand. I’m not back to there.

- I have an appointment on Monday 11/29/21 with my PD Doc; I will run everything by her.

- I will stay off L-dopa continue with all I have been doing and in a few months readdress the issue of improvements. Previous, last was last was a 1/2 pill Tuesday 11/16/21 at 4:53 am ET; I took 2 on Saturday (11/20/21), current last 1 pill at 4:43 pm.

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