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============ INPUT #2 From a friend directing scientific research on stem cells [not aimed at Parkinson's] at Stanford, in response to INPUT #1 below from another friend [not suffering from Parkinson's]: ========================

Okay, i have some information. some of it encouraging, other information suggests that these are early stages for this technology.

i have attached a paper that is a recent review of the technology and is published in a good journal, by authors that have no ties to any company (meaning, unlikely to have a conflict of interest in stating something works when the data are still lacking).

in a nutshell, there is a fairly good understanding of how the technology is designed to work, by stimulating mitochondrial function. the idea is that mitochondrial dysfunction is a hallmark of PD, and that therapeutic strategies to treat PD may also incorporate exercise, microRNAs, mitochondrial transplantation, stem cell therapies, and photobiomodulation. That's the good news. In other papers i looked at, research groups demonstrated that delivering an equivalent light therapy to the brains of young healthy individuals increased neural activity, another good thing.

Now the reality check. Despite multiple studies adopting numerous treatment strategies, clinical trials to date have generally failed to show benefit. I looked for ongoing clinical trials, and found only 4 (see screenshot, below). Clinical trials are the gold standard for testing whether a therapy is effective. when i don't see many clinical trials, i begin to hesitate. Validation of a new technology is almost always carried out in a clinical trial, where the data are rigorously evaluated and presented to regulatory bodies (the FDA, etc) for their scrutiny and approval/disapproval.

So i imagine you have found a company in San Diego that says they will deliver this photobiomodulation for a price. this is not a clinical trial though.

So the question comes down to this: might this therapy be good for YOU even if it has not demonstrated clinical benefit for others. we can talk about that if you like. it would be a decision based on multiple factors, including cost and inconvenience etc.

============ INPUT #1 ====================================

A friend writes:

.... there is a patch in development that may specifically address Parkinson’s disease. The trial for this patch requires four visits over one month in Encinitas, Californie near San Diego, and I thought you might be interested.

These small patches have tiny crystals that reflect one’s body’s infrared light in specific wave-lengths back into it to stimulate the body to do more of what it already does (and has slowed down or is doing the job poorly from age, disease, or injuries). There is nothing transdermal. We’ve been astonished at the results. We have a friend with long-Covid who got immediate benefit from 2 severe symptoms. With my recent brain injury, I’ve been able to get deep/delta sleep which I need to heal—after waking up every 2 hours all last year.

There are just many many benefits in wearing these patches; the benefits derive from preventing the aging process in cells so they don’t replicate damaged cells. they do replicate healthy cells, and healthy stem cells are activated. The founder calls it age-reversal. There is research as well to evidence results of the patches.Here’s the trial for Parkinson’s patients:


Call the trial—they will have pertinent and scientific answers for you.


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Seems promising. Couldn't find screenshot in this post

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