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I apologize for my message yesterday. Things are looking much better today.

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Thank you for the update. Tell our friend to hang in there, we need him here

I understand that. But give it a little more time. Just hang on for a bit. Things can change and usually do.

❤️. Karen

so glad to hear it!

Tell him about all the love ♥️♥️♥️There's a whole host of us been waiting to exhale. Thank you for the update.


No apologies necessary!

There comes a point when it can go either way and we are just so happy it went the right way!!

Looking forward to seeing you on zoom when the time is right. We all love you, Marc. 😍

So pleased to hear the update I ve been checking for any new information all day. Thinking of you, hang on in there Marc ❤️


Glad its passing on by. Thank you for the update

Sending healing love x

👍 apologies not necessary on this forum. Made our day.

Glad your 3 children intervened. Happy to hear Marc lives! Yay! And Whew as RoyProp said!

Prayers answered! Thank God!!!

Glad you're better. Was it just a bad back pain or also pd?



I think he can improve.. and lead a better life!

We are so relieved. Thank you for giving us an update. We love your father's kindness and helpful ways. You all should be proud of him. 🙏

That is a huge relief! Thank you so much for the update.

Oh man, I am so very relieved. Your dad is so special. He means so much to so many. He personally helped me through some troubles from this disease (he may not even know) and he created the Zoom group that has been such an amazing comfort and support. Unexpected for sure. Love from Christie

Please keep us updated on his progress and I am glad to hear it is progress and he is doing better!


How honest and brave to find the strength to reach out to all of us who understand and care. So relieved to read things are looking better today for you. An example to all of us who are struggling how we can look for the tiniest light to climb out of our despair. Continued healing to you!

Wonderful news! I am so relieved . This site needs MarcB and I am so happy you are feeling better. I feel so much better😆🥰

Oh such good news! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank goodness!! I was afraid to check HU today!! Please share these messages with your Dad when he is up to it and please keep us posted! He is very loved and needed here!💕👍🏻

Thank you for letting us know. We have been so worried. Take care dear friend onward and upward x

I'm so glad that Marc is doing better. He has nothing to apologize at all. Welcome back Marc.

Marc, we love you ❤️. Your kids are great. Thank you for update. 😘😘😘

Very happy to hear things have improved

Hip hip hooray 😄

Awesome news. ❤️🥰

So happy to hear that you are feeling better and more positive today! Understandable to be despairing with a bad setback after all that you have been through. No apologies needed here. Looking forward to seeing you on zoom when you feel like it again. Chrissy 😊

May you grow from strength to strength. ❤️Thank you Jesus!

I was hoping to see such a post when I logged on today.Onwards….

No apology necessary! So glad to know you are improving!

Please tell Marc we adore him and are thinking of him!

Very happy to read that

Wonderful! No need to apologize. We’re just happy to hear this.

So happy to wake up to your encouraging message this morning. We're overseas so this is 8am our time. Keeping you in my thoughts. Ragni

The best news we could get Marc - wonderful!

Whew! I’m so glad you are feeling better! I am 75 too, and living with an extremely sore, painful back, is the pits!! Thanks for the update, Marc!! Hang in there!Take care!!!

So glad for you and your family Marc!



You remind me of Bruce Willis, DIE HARD. :) Not for one moment did I believe you were at the "end." I deciphered your post as "Extreme pain and fear."

Wonderful news, so glad you’re feeling better, Marc!Rona

I like many more came on here to look for an update and so thrilled that there’s better news, onwards and upwards now 🤗