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L-tyrosine experience?

Anyone have experience or knowledge on L-tyrosine? I was taking it and stopped to research it more. I experienced no negative side effects just pausing for a bit. A trial I applied to said I could continue to take L-tyrosine but to not exceed 500mg which I found interesting.

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It’s in restore gold 400mg x 4 per day so 1600.

I think rescuema knows about it.

rescuema seems to know about most things!

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She has a good background.

I've been taking Swanson 500mg per day first thing in the morning. It seems to take the edge off my anxiety/stress. I like it! Then later around noon I take a Drs Best 5htp 100mg. Very nice combo for emotional well being.

I take 350-700 mg of N Acetyl L Tyrosine daily for potential benefits cited below, and have been doing so for I guess some years now.


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N-acetyl L-tyrosine compared to just L-tyrosine?

I need to reread the difference

Park Bear explained

I have L tyrosine but not N acetyl L tyrosine

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my preference is for NALT as a precursor for dopamine.


The problem with PD is that our dopamine producing neurones arenot functional meaning if you take L Tyrosine it cannot be turned to the final product (dopamine) simply because the factory is on strike or just few of the employees are working.

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Understood. But for very early stage PD could provide a boost maybe? Or I wonder if it’s overworking what neurons are left, basically beating them to get to work. I want to nurture and support my brain as much as possible. L tyrosine was recommended to me but maybe it’s short sighted bc it’s not neuro protective, just prodding surviving neurons to get to work? All this gets so complex and tiresome.

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Grab a piece of grass-fed cheese and eat it, CC!

What sort of trial was this and what did they have to say about why they suggested 500 mg cap? That would have been the immediate thing to do is to ask them and converse with them a while about why they would have said so. Also, we should know what kind of trial it was so we know whether it was snake oil people just creating a vehicle to support selling something, or real science engaged in some sort of legitimately scientific, experimental or clinical endeavor. Can you expand or elaborate and clarify on these please?

I took 500 to 1000 mg for years before my symptoms showed up. Maybe it helped delay my symptoms. I took it from recommendations from Dr Daniel Amen for my self diagnosed ADD. It helped get me moving in the AM. No coffee needed after LTyrosine. I started taking 1000mg again recently. Not sure if it helps my Parkinson's, but I like how it gets my mind going.

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